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2010 Head Peak Review

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I've been meaning to sit down and write this review for a long time because I think there is a lot of misinformation out there about this ski. I even got caught up the pre-season bashing and almost traded my skis in for a huge loss.  That wold have been a major mistake because I really like these skis.

I received the Peak 88's as a warranty replacement to my head monster 88's (delam).  I could not be more pleased in my dealing with Head directly on is warranty replacement.  They were very fair - if not generous to me with absolutely no hassle.

The Review:
I am an expert aggressive skier. I love steeps, going fast, skiing the trees, and powder.  I have skied these skis in many conditions.  These skis are overall as good as my old monster 88's if not better in many ways. Not as good as the old 88's in others .  Overall, I am really happy with them.

Things I like about the Peak 88:

They float in powder better than the old monster 88's
They are way better in the bumps than my old monster 88's
They bust through crud as well as the the old monster 88's
They have as much energy from edge to edge as my old 88's
They deal with mach speeds as well as the the old monster 88's
They are damp but have good snap from turn to turn like the old monster 88's

Things that could be better:
They deal with mach speeds as well as the the old monster 88's except on hard pack/ice
They feel like they are still build on a GS Race ski chasis like the old monster 88's and hold the turn like a gs ski except on hard pack and ice.
these skis are a one year warranty whereas the monster 88's were a 2yr warranty.
I was skiing on hard packed man made snow and going super fast.  When I took a turn against the grain of the hill and did not ride the skis edge but tried to slide a turn (basically woosing out) there was some chatter. My old 88's did not do that as much.

Overall, These skis ski better than the old 88's in soft snow (powder or man-made).  They ski as well as the 88's at high speed GS turns on most snow conditions.  On solid hard-pack or ice they have some chatter at high speeds.

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 And now the Peak 88 has been change majorly.  The new "FlowRide" model for 2011 is a very different flex.
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