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I have a pair of Elan Waveflex SLX 160cm and Waveflex GSX 170cm and planing to race on them next year. I was wondering if anyone have the answer to the following:

1. What is the factory base/side bevel for the SLX and GSX, respectively?
(I've emailed Elan with this question but they haven't gotten back to me in two weeks.)

2. What would you recommend for edge/base bevel for SL and GS racing, respectively?
(Assume that I'm a very competent skier, and my daily driver is an Elan Magfire 82ti @ 3/1)

3. What are some things you do to a brand new pair of skis, from the time you bought them, to being on the course?
(e.g. Do you hotbox them, custom base structure, etc etc etc)

Thanks ahead of time!