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Snowbird 5/6 to 5/10

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Heading to Snowbird from 5/6 to 5/10. It will be my first time there! Actually it'll be my first time away from the East. I can't wait. Anyone have any tips or info that'll be good for a first timer? I know it'll be spring conditions and probably a little unpredictable. Anyone else planning on being there during this time?
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 I might actually be there. If I am there just follow me around If I am not...

find soft snow ;) Ill post more on those days since I can tell you based on weather what to do.
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 We're  getting everything packed up and ready to go! I've been reading everyones trip reports. Weather is supposed to be High 50's Low 20's this weekend....looks like I'm one week too late for the powder fest, but I'm guessing the conditions will still be great!!! I'll post some pics....but I can't promise they will even come close to what some of you guys are uploading!!! I literally spent the last two weeks reading the TR's with a big smile on my face....Thanks!!!
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Skiing there from 5/5/ to 5/9 - staying at the lodge, then off for a week to A-basin.  Was there two weeks ago, for epic fun.  Might be the greatest ski destination on earth.  Will be at tram bar watching nhl playoffs most afternoons this week with grin plastered on face.  Try the fish 'n chips and $7 shot & brewski special.
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