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Who are you?

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I'm kinda new here. I came over from the Powder forum. People over there dissed this forum so much I figured y'all must have something pretty good going on.

It looks like I was right...

It seems that this forum is populated by veritable skilebrities so to speak. So, maybe this has already been done, but Im wondering who's who.

I'm 30
Been skiing since 1982ish.
Started at Stratton, mostly ski Okemo now.
In HS and College I used to ski about 50 days a year. Got down to about 3 a few years back, got maybe 15 this year, but am planning major changes soon. Gotta move to the mountains.
I'd call myself an expert, but I know there are many better skiers than me (including me circa 1992).
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Hi Epic! Be sure to check out the thread in General skiing about a gathering in New England.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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We're good people here. When people bash elsewhere one must question their maturity, etc. We get a little now and then but it's not the main entre at this table. Lisa's one of our moms here. She keeps us on the straight and narrow! bwahahahaha! She'll love that! I like to stay on the rug by the fireplace, not in the doghouse, so I behave.

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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Hi Epic,

I'm suprised the system let you sign up with that name good name by the way.
If you look at a post, above the post there is a profile button. you can see if each person put a little bit about themself.. Most of us have something up there. also there are several posts asking what our names mean and there are some interesting stories about us in there as well.

Again, Welcome aboard.
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Jyarddog, that's funny, since Tog calls me "Epic's little sister" given that I am the least experienced skier on the board. But I am a fitness instructor, so I often give advice.
But what jyarddog may be talking about is that although I am usually pretty nice, when someone insults somebody I like, I go after them like a lioness protecting her cub!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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I started using that name posting on bike sites back when I owned a bike shop of the same name. I feel a little funny using it here, but it works, so...
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What was your username on Powder?
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Hi Epic, we talked before, no? Well, anyway, pull up a chair and join in...

Though I found this forum only last October or so, it has been such an education.

At 69, I'm the old man here and I've enjoyed skiing for 57 seasons, so you might say I've nearly seen it all.

But enough about me. As I'm sure you have gathered by now, some of us use our real names and others go by "handles", but I think I have them sorted out

Almost everyone has given lots of personal information in the course of these discussions and as you hang around you'll get to know everybody and their idiosynchracies.

But we love it all....so, welcome again...

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Rats! Here I thought I was the old man around here! (55) Boy could we tell tales about the "new" stuff way back when!

Maybe not the right place for it here, but my handle comes from 3 sources:
1) I used that name when playing flight sim games like A10 Warthog, Aces, F15 Strike Eagle.
2)Got that name from the Jim Croce tune.
3)My teaching certificationranges from preK though 9th grade. I just say k thru 9- ergo, k9... my dogtags. We have to wear our badges in school so everyone knows we're crazy.

To become a teacher you buy a bag of marbles. You stuff them all in your mouth. Each day you take one out and throw it away. When you've lost all your marbles, you're a teacher.
And if you're a skier, you're insane! Afterall, who in their right mind would go buy thousands of dollars of stuff so they could drive bocu miles into freezing weather to buy a Gwad-awful price of a ticket, so they can stand in long lines. Then freeze to death sitting on a movable chair hundreds of feet above the ground in a blizzard to get to the top of a hill, only to defeat this accomplishment by sliding hell-bent-for-leather back down the hill with an extreme interest in self-preservation only to get back in line and do it all over again? And then buy a 39ยข burger for $7.50?
Who?.... We would! Welcome to the family!

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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Oh yes Ott. We have talked about skiing in Austria.

By the way, I have 3 wonderful Maine Coons who enjoy ski trips too.
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Welcome. I recently registered but had been monitoring the site and posting some questions when it could be done as an unregistered guest. If Ott is the ultimate in age then I must be the penultimate, since I retired and took up skiing. We also have a Maine coon, as well as a Sheltie. Mostly because of the critters we got a condo, so most of my skiing is done at Bretton Woods, except for a week at Gray Rocks. My current focus is on mogul technique and improving my recreational racing. I also just got the mogullogic video/CD on the advice of another person here. This site is a tremendous resource for technical information and I respect everyone who contributes here.
Best regards to you.
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Since we are talking about pets: We have two cats and a greyhound. One of the cats is a half maine coon. Someone had abandoned him as a 6 week old kitten. My greyhound found him in a shopping bag next to our mail box. Now he thinks she's his mom.
Harvey, Bretton Woods is beautiful! When you go to Grey Rocks, do your pets stay in the pet hotel there? Is it any good?

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Speaking of families and who's who, check out John H.'s post in Off Season Sports!
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Hi! all
I've been lurking here since last October.
I'll be 52 this month, started skiing at 40 and have been trying to make up for lost time since I started. Ski instructor for seven years,PSIA Level I. Ski mostly at Mountain Creek with occasional trips to areas with in a few hours ride. Wife doesn't ski, two daughters that do, youngest is also Level I. Nice to meet you all. This is a great site with great people.
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Ah . . . lots of new folks dropping in. We'll all make it through the summer folks. I promise. . . well . . . I hope!


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Welcome Epic and BillA,

Epic, give us an idea of what the 'powder forum' was like, i.e. the level of topics and discussions. Thanks
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Was? Uh-oh, is it gone?

I'll be right back...
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Just check out yourself man. . .
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Yep, it's still there, and "Sex in the City" was a little boring.
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We've never brought the pets up to Gray Rocks. The dog gets boarded in a ladie's house in Norwell and she looks in on the cat which stays home. The pet hotel in Gray Rocks is just a heated building to leave the pet in. You have to do all the care yourself. I've seen people keep their pets there until their room was made up and then, bring them back to the room

I recommend Gray Rocks if anyone is thinking of the ski week. The food is terrific and they take you over to Tremblant for one day. They have recreational racing as part of the program. A black diamond mogul slope named Bon Voyage is my nemesis up there, which is why I'm trying to learn some technique. My instructor this year told us about Spiess turns which are mentioned in Bob's book. He equates them with hop turns. It would be interesting to hear if anyone (including Bob) has any comments about this since there doesn't seem to be much attention given to them currently.<FONT size="1">

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Thanks for the info. Are you going to join us on our New England get together next season?

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Lisamarie, I'd be happy to join the group. From what I see on the other site it doesn't look like the place is decided on. If anyone is interested I'd be glad to host at least a part of the group at our condo in BW (although it sounds like NH is out).
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Welcome Epic and Bill A. Have fun.
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Welcome Epic and BillA,

I am 66 years young and teach skiing at SolVista, formerly Silver Creek, in Granby, Colorado. Granby is the western gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park.

I, also, am new to this forum. I belong to other forums and Epic gives me a different slant on teaching issues. Once again, welcome.

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Hi! I'm Tom Karol. Since I have Atomic skis - like Hermann Maier - I chose the UserName: 'Tominator'. I'm ONLY 52, and I've been skiing since I was 12. I only get to ski 10-15 times per season these days. I am frighteningly addicted to this forum. Welcome!<FONT size="1">

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i am zoggth, liquid king of zultar, a planet unbeknownst to you. but the skiing rips and we get 127 grrbuts (approx. 800") of dry-as-desert snow each...well, what equates to a "year" for you. in bad seasons, we ski in utah, dressed like you people. except for the neon and bogners. THAT is painful to all our 17 eyes.
www.engr.uky.edu/~mdclar01/gifs/SG/SG2-big.gif <FONT size="1">

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I'm feeling young now.. I'm only 41!
professional ski student? My day job is technology/computer related. and a DIY person. How do they say it? "jack of all trades and master of none"
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"in bad seasons, we ski in utah, dressed like you people. except for the neon and bogners. THAT is painful to all our 17 eyes."

Well Ryan, I've met plenty of those 17 eyed guys here in Utah. But they always tell me they are from California!
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Mary, Mary, being contrary,
too far away from snow,
pulled back the cloak of good king zoggth
so everyone would know...

he's from L.A.<FONT size="1">

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Rats Ryan, zultar was sounding mighty fine, esp. in these times of global warming. Maybe a Bears rendezvous there in 2025? I've already started packing... I'm ready for a long strange trip.

Oh, and to get back on topic... Hi "epic". Rumor has it that I'm in Utah, altho zultar sounds kinda nice, esp. if I could buy wine in the grocery stores.<FONT size="1">

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