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Thank you Epic and Mt Spokane

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I had an honor bestowed to me last week that speaks well of the mentor-ship and strength of this forum.Last week I was honored as the Instructor of the Year at Mt Spokane. I'm a bit embarrassed to promote myself but in doing so I honor the many folks here that have led me to this point.
Nolo I thank you firstly as you led me to  the importance of connecting with our people. We learn from them how to lead them to the path that would most benefit them. Gentle teaching with heart and soul can truly lead people to heights they didn't think possible.
I learned teaching tools from so many here and you know who you my be mostly by my private contacts with you and others by their wonderful leadership towards getting us to think for ourselves . Bob Barnes has made this point often .I thank him for that.
Ron White has shared so much of his wisdom  though he only posts intermittently as well as Rick, Big E, Michael,JASP, Bud, The Rusty and so many more. You guys have touched the lives of so many in a positive way I am so proud to continue in your path. One mention that is also important and he may not like me much but Josh taught me the importance of being strong and to believe in myself to adapt and overcome obstacles placed before us and keep believing while working to improve ourselves. Not letting setbacks deter us but to make us stronger. Josh I admire you for this. You deserve what you have earned  and I hope my work will lead me to this goal also.

So may I bestow this award also on the wonderful people here as my partners in this effort ? Without your combined efforts I would not have learned as much as I can  here  to make my efforts in connecting to share the love of this sport and finding ways to help people learn to help themselves.

Thanks Epic et al. You are truly special people that I am blessed to guide me and to lean on for deeper understandings. We are all Instructors of the Year at Mt Spokane in one form or another.

To those new here take the time to follow the lead of the wisdom found here , ask lots of questions,understand there are not many stupid questions but it's foolish not to take this chance  and be led to breakthroughs in understandings of deep subjects. You never may know where this can lead you but I assure it will be fun.

To you all I wish you  peace, love and harmony as we glide over the oft frozen surfaces. Bless you all.
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Nice post GarryZ and Ditto from me.   "Thankyou Epic for letting me ski with you"
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Nice post, Garry, and congratulations.
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Thank you, Garry, and well-deserved congratulations on your honor. I left a little piece of my heart on the Hourglass and another in the Meadows at Mt. Spokane.  
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 Congratulations Garry!  Many happy turns!
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Joan . We got some new snow so I'll check that out  and ski it with your thought in mind but the sun hits there first and foremost. Best is over the back side in the trees. The sun gets there late and the trees shade the snow. We're coming to the end this Saturday with a mountain sponsored party.

Thanks all. Epicski knows how to share the love in so many forms.
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Congratulations Gary. Your heartfelt comments really underscore the fact that this is no mere virtual community but rather a genuine community.
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Congratulations Garry..!   If your participation at Mt Spokane is anything like your participation here, it's well deserved. 

And if your season there is coming to an end - remember that Crystal/Stevens will be open until April 18 with Alpental potentially open until May 1 & 2 ( 29" reported new snow since Monday, but still TBD )    Also, Crystal and Alpental both have a 50% off ticket for Passholders to any other Washington State Ski Area right now.

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GarryZ, I congratulated you in person, but I want to say it here, too.  YOU ROCK! 
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Awesome! Hope to see you during our June, western road trip!
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie View Post

Awesome! Hope to see you during our June, western road trip!

Sounds like an opportunity for an old fashioned  Epic pic-a-nic.  If we pick the right place Yogi might even come
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Garry, I can't think of anyone more deserving of such an award.  I haven't yet witnessed your physical skills, but your interpersonal skills and ski knowledge are ... shall we say...

Nice going
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Thanks all for the very heartfelt comments. This community is amazing and I am honored to be a part of it
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crgilart, looky here for video of Garry's mogul junk skiing prowess.  He rocks the trees, too.
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Hey Bonni , Silver Saturday. Wanna go ?
Yeah C you'll dig my wedge finish trying not to kill the camerawoman in some deflective snow.
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Silver Saturday.............YES YES YES YES!   Absofrigginlutely.   I was going to pack up the gear for the season, too....haha.....not so fast!
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