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lange sizes again

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Hi guys
I currently have Lange XR9s (purple/lilac) from the mid-90s.
These have been a great pair of boots, incredibly stiff - nice height, just how i like them, feet a bit cold at times but otherwise they're just perfect. I have them on a loose-ish setting, do a gentle warmup run, tighten them up and leave them like that all day.

The outer has 332mm length and i'm normally 9 (UK) and 10(US) foot size. I've not modified them in anyway except put an extra insole inside for extra thermal resistance. They fit like slippers. However the sole is worn and the buckles starting to fall to pieces. Time to replace.

I skied Salomon in the 80s but they mashed my feet when they plastic went too soft after a couple of years and I find them generally too wide or soft. I skied Tecnica TNTs in the early 90s but they fell to pieces very quickly... I am an aggressive skier with 31 years skiing under my belt...

If i could buy another pair of XR9s I would. So i'm looking at today's equivalent. But - Lange appear to have changed their sizing with a confusing array of options. I'm particularly confused on sole widths. I'm currently looking at the 'crazy blue' WC boots 130-150 flex

This is where i get stuck. everyone says the 130 in a 28 or 28.5 is the equivalent to my XR9s - in size they might be, but flex - they are far too soft for my liking and appear to flex a lot more than my 15 year old boots.

I just tried on a several pairs of Langes in a ski store in St Anton, Austria:
I seem to be definitely a 28.5 in current mondo sizing... i tried on next years RS130 in a 28.5 and that seemed fine but far too soft flex. They looked a bit flakey in construction too.

I tried on a 28 in what i think was a 'WC'130 from 2007/8 (at a really good price) but it was tight across the two outer toes with again too much flex for my liking.

In the same shop I tried a 150 flex salomon race boot - they felt like someone had dropped car on across the top of my foot. I'd prefer to go with what I know, but willing to try another suitable brand/spec. my local ski shop here in flatland only stocks about 2 brands and none of them are of an 'expert' spec.

and so to my questions

What would be the last width to my XR9s? (Were there variations back then?) There's nothing printed on the boot.

Is 97mm narrow or average for a boot width?

I've seen a few 28.5s in a WC with 150 flex on the net - but apparently these come in a 92mm last width - I'm worried they will be too narrow. I can't find them *anywhere* to physically try on in the UK, France, Italy or Austria. What exactly is this width and why so much variation?
What about 140s in a 28.5? Would they come up a bit wider?
I've heard the up-coming Lange WC are reverting to a wider last width - is that true? (this would make sense as everyone is dumping their old stock on the net) Should i wait for the wider design and get the 150 flex?
Any other brands suggestions for a super stiff boot / expert range?

I'm completely stuck on where to go next.

any pointers gratefully read...

thanks guys

Northampton UK and soon, the Pyrenees

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your search hasn't been that deep... search lange world cup 160 in google and see

i have the lange W/C160 (140 flex version)in 92mm last in all sizes 25.5-28.5 it is a beast of a boot in terms of plastic and performance
in a uk size 9 you most certainly should not be in a 28.5 i am an 11 and can get into a 27 in some longer sizes boot models, i use a short 28 for my large wide hoof

the new lange boots for next season are 97mm and they are offering a wider 100mm last in the 130, there will be very few places holding the 150 in stock as it is a race dept order, not sure we will see any at all in the UK as the rep didn't put any on the very early order which is required for race dept.

we also have a 95mm boot form head, atomic and salomon and the dalbello will be on its way in june

the lange sizes are a bit messed up on many of thier models especially the ones which use USA sizes which appear to be well off where they should be
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thanks CEM

i tried on a 28.5 in next year's model (but wasnt allowed to buy) and it was about perfect with thickish ski socks. i am a narrow 9 in shoes sometimes 44 euro which is US 10/10.5 which is 28 / 28.5 in mondo is it not?


since found out that XR9s are about 101 fit 

so i think i'll be going for a comp pro 140 in a 28.5 / 98... unless there's a 150 in a 98 fit next year - anyone know yet?


cheers guys - useful site

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why not go see CEM about this in person, or book your next holiday around getting some boots from a store that works in race boots?


also I think that a 28 boot will be too big for you.   27 (maybe even 26) shells are a better bet, but without seeing your foot, it is all a guess.

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next years langes are 97mm or 100mm, there is a 95mm available from the race department but as said earlier unless they have been ordered you won't see a pair

most other brands make a 95mm and 98mm last, rossignol are producing the 98mm last as lange did this current season, without seeing your foot everything is pure speculation...

the conversion from UK/US to mondo is screwed up more than you can imagine, did the shop do a shell check, if not i would be questioning their ability to fit a race boot
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