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OK - just seeing who is paying attention.

Was "Retro Day" on Saturday and I brought out my 2011 Head iSL RD 165cm for the first hour.  Love those skis!  Then it was time.  The annual ski on my 1993 Atomic 203 Slalom skis....

Man were those skis a lot of work!

The phrase that I kept repeat in my head over and over "Don't Carve!".  Up to unweight, a lot of pivot and then flex ... over and over again. 

The interesting point is that these are both race slalom skis.  Boy are they not even from the same planet!

You had to be a pretty good skier to use that old stuff!

Then I took them home and put them back in their place in the rafters of the shed with all the other junk ... where they will patiently wait til next year.