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Leki Carbon Ski poles

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Does anyone know of a location that has a good selection?  I've looked online but cannot find anything in my size (120cm).

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This place seems to have them - http://www.sport-tiedje.com/leki/stoecke/flash_carbon_shark.htm?partner=google-com&artnr=LEK-2530T3

Very nice poles ... a bit like a nuclear-powered toaster oven ... but very nice.
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Hmm. Thanks for the heads up but not the ones I were looking for.

Was looking for something more like this...


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A pity you are not in Australia, I use that same pole myself and I also have it in stock in my shop, over here they are quite expensive at Aus$200.
The new version of the trigger system is much easier to use than the earlier version of the trigger, and there is no problem with them after a fall and snow getting into where the strap clips back in.
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Guess I'll have to just suck it up and order it directly from Leki if I want them.
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I bought a pair from my local store here in WA. I needed 52", they didn't have that size in stock but chopped 2" off 54" poles. I'm just saying, in case you can find a pair longer than 120cm. BTW, I'm very happy with the Leki carbon poles
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