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 As usual with the Head Supershape line - a great carving ski - maybe the best (in my opinion).  This year, Head went a bit wider all around (6 or 8mm) underfoot, tips and tails  as compared to last year's SuperShape Magnum, while still maintaining the same tight 13.5M radius.  The extra width adds a little more versatility to a great ski.  When I skied these today (3/28/10) in some pretty thick spring snow, it was not ideal conditions for this type of ski, but you could tell that these skis just rip on groomers and harder snow for those that like to truly carve tight, quick turns.  As the snow gets deep, soft, thick or cruddy - SuperShapes do seem a but to 'edgy', so use these when you want to really carve on good carveable snow. But....what do I know, my son has skied SuperShapes for 2 years as his only ski - and he skis anything, anywhere, way better than me!