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New AT Boots

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Hey there, I am in the market for a new pair of AT boots. I am currently  skiing on a pair of Black Diamond Factors & really like them. I use them as my every day resort boot & shorter tours. I am looking for a lighter boot for some multi day trips with Dynafit compatibility to drive some K2 Coombas. The boot needs to be stiff enough for my weight (220lbs) and aggressive skiing. I am looking at the Spirit 4's & the Dynafit ZZero4 C-TF's. Any thoughts or should I wait until next year for the 2011 models? Thanks in advance for your help

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I ski the Dynafit ZZero's C-TFs (I own both the 4-buckle and 3-buckle versions). The 4-buckle version has become my go-to boot, for all skiing, all terrain.  I'm a very aggressive skier, but a lot lighter than you (170 lbs). 

The C-TFs are supposedly not going to be changed next year, though I do wish they'd go to replaceable soles, which get a bit trashed on rock climbs (they still ski fine, though).
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I am 6'5" and 215 lbs, and also ski the 4-buckle Dynafit ZZero's C-TFs for AT.  I have 182 length Goode 95 carbon skis, which I am sure drive a lot easier than Coombas.  I have no complaints about how the boots function in any snow condition, but I need to keep them locked in the most forward lean position to make them work.
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