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Level 1 Results

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I'm happy to say that we had a Level 1 in house exam Monday March 29th At Sugar Bowl, I don't have the whole list of participants but...

We had 100% pass rate with the candidates from our Mountain Sports Learning Center and in that group was a lift operator that decided to see if she had what it took to get her level 1. I know at least one of the people that failed at their first attempt 2 weeks ago tried again and this time passed. I'm waiting to hear about the other person that failed their first attempt.

Congrats to you all.
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Sweet!!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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dchan, congratulations to you group.

Now, since you broke the ice, allow me to post a little congratulatory announcement as well.

We had an in-house AASI level 1 and all ten of our snowboard instructors who took it passed. Then, two weeks later, nine of our ski instructors went to the level 1 exam at Wachusset and they all passed as well. All the new jacket jewelry sure looked good in the lineup.
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