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The return of the Notorious.

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Hello gals and guyz!  Skispag here (formerly known as Notorious Spag).  I've been away for awhile and getting settled into my new Colorado home!  I hope to regain a foot-hold in the instruction forums and get re-acquainted with some of you, as well as learn things from those of you who have joined in during my absence!  Who is still out there?

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 While I'm glad to see you back as SkiSpag, I'm curious why you opted to depart from your established NotoriousSpag.....
Notorious Rocks!
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Spag, where you skiing these days, now that you're living in Colorado?
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Since it had been awhile, I had to create a whole new account.  I'm now skiing far more than pontificating, so I thought "Skispag" was appropriate.  Plus I'm not nearly as "Notorious" as I used to be!  (That's not true.  I might be worse)

I'm now living in Fairplay, CO and teaching FULL TIME for Breckenridge at the Beaver Run facility.  This first year has had its challenges, but all in all it's been a good move for me and the wife.  I look forward to each day and I get to ski!!!  In fact I'm hitting Copper Mt. today with my dearest and enjoying a much needed day off.

How have things been with you two?  It's been quite a span!  The web-site looks good Rick!

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Hey, Spag, what are you wearing on your head now that you can't wear your famous hat?

You know about the Central Division PSIA spring rally at Snowmass?
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I can still wear the famous hat!  It just doesn't fit as well now that I've shaved off all me hair, Laddie!  (Hopefully I don't suffer the same fate as Samson)

I hadn't heard about the Central Rally.  I'll have to look into it!  Thanks for the heads up!  See you on the hill!

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Last we had heard from you was when you took the job at Terry's Peak.  Its been a while and the form is now very large. 
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Cool, Spag.  I'm at Breck frequently, hopefully we can make some turns together sometime.  I also travel through Fairplay on my way to Summit.  Nice little town.   My website tells the story of what I've been up to while you've been gone.  Thanks for the thumbs up.  
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Yeah I spent 8 solid years at Terry Peak as the Director, and decided that I wanted to play around in the big mountains, (and possibly submit my bid for the 2012 PSIA National Team!)  South Dakota was very good to me and we will sorely miss the Black Hills, but the Rockies have thus far been equally exciting and educational!  Good to see some familiar names here despite EpicSki's growth!  Hello Pierre!
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Ah ha!  Spag!  Now I can stop lurking and start laughing!  I was wondering when you would return!  See you tomorrow night!  We will be in in time for a pint and a bite....alert Mr. Oliver and the missus...I fear debauchery in the future!  Are you skiing Spring Fling?
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I remember this name from a long long time ago.  Welcome back.
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I always wondered how the skiing was in South Dakota being very familiar with the state and it's mostly flatness

Nice to see you living in ski country. Welcome back
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Bonni told me when she drove through the Black Hills she saw many hills with snow and another thing she saw was tracks on all those hills from skiers. Obviously a hunger for sliding and adventure even in what you wouldn't expect to be skiing country.
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Yeah the Black Hills actually aren't bad skiing!  It is home to Two ski areas in the Northern Region of the Hills.  Terry Peak, which lays claim to 1100 vertical feet, over 400 acres, and two high-speed quads.  Also Deer Mountain, at 800 vert.  Both recieve between 150 and 220 inches of snow a season and Terry Peak can make snow on about 60-70% of its terrain.  It also has the only half-pipe in the region!  That includes, Red Lodge, Bridger and Big Sky!  (I was the Ski School Director, and Terrain Park Manager at Terry Peak for 8 seasons.  Our half pipe was about 300' long with 12' walls!).  MOST of South Dakota is about as flat as you can get, but the Hills are a nice, little-known oasis that boasts the highest skiing terrain East of the Rockies!  Go visit and ski sometime!
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Welcome Home Spag
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Spag, we have been trying to get the hang of carving while you have been away !
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HA!  The mysteries of carving!  The ever-moving target, eh?  Good to be back.
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Spag- you should have been with us this past Saturday! I had no idea you were now in the area! But alas, it'll have to wait till next season now... I am finished for the season.
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That sucks I could have easily been there!  I showed for work and there was none, so I just made a couple runs and broke out.  I think I'm still gonna head to A-Basin and Loveland for one more day each before I hang 'em up.  We will HAVE to get together!


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SOUTH PARK!, love that town and area, my mom went to high school there worked at breck afterwards, then moved to nebraska,wtf?. Nice town nice area hope you love it.
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