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Rocker Skis Questions

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Hey all,
Im looking to add a pair of rocker skis to my quiver this summer and since i dont know all that much about them i figured id ask the smart and helpful people at epic for help ;-).

My specs:
6' 1"
175 lbs
Advanced skier

Ive demoed the Moment Bibby Pros (LOVED THEM!!!) and the K2 Obsetheds (NOT VERY GOOD!) Ive been doing research and ive figured out what i want in a rocker ski: 180-186 length, at least 120 underfoot, and as much rocker as possible. That was my main isuse with the Obsethed, not enough rocker (and a bit too soft as well). The Bibby's were everything the Obsethed was not, waaaaaaaaaay more rocker and a bit stiffer, but only 115 underfoot, not quite enough for my liking. As some other choices ive been looking at the Moment Nighttrains, k2 Hellbent, and k2 Pontoons. Any other options using the above criteria would be much appreciated. Anybody out there riding the nighttrains or hellbents (saw a great nighttrain review, cant find it now xD)? and any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

PS: My home hill is Big Sky, so a soft base=no go (dynastars, for instance). a good solid base is a must. Thanks All!!!

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Check it out. Seems to fit your requirements. And made in the USA.
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The odds of finding something tougher than a Praxis are slim. 

What is your intent in getting these skis? There is a huge range of rockered ski designs at this point. A ski like a Praxis Powder or a Pontoon is very oriented toward surfing powder. The Hell Bent & some of the others are play skis - jibby, switch, carvable, etc. Skis like the Praxis ProTest have a touch of sidecut & camber so as to offer a bit more manageability on firmer snow, groomers, etc. Others are more conventional with a bit of rocker to loosen them up... Anyway, the utility of responses will likely be higher if you make it clear what you want to do most with the skis.
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my intent with these skis is to get a ski that handles deep snow better than my Dynastar Big Troubles. I would prefer a twintip for a little more flexibility in what i can do with it and where i can take it. camber underfoot is a bonus but not by any means a requirement; im looking for a powder specific ski (although im not really envisioning having that much use for a reverse sidecut ski ie Moment Donner Party) and id rather have too much rocker than too little (ie obsethed=too little)
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Look at a 188 4FRNT CRJ; a little stiffer than the 186 Bibbys, twin rocker, camber underfoot, 118 waist, 28m sidecut, tough bases.  Or, look at the 190 Bibby, which is supposedly stiffer than the 186.
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