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Lisamarie! Good Job!

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I open the new Pro Skier today and what do I see?
Our very own Lisamarie!
She wrote about fitness and wouldn't you know?
Turns out Kegels are the way to go!

Spag :
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Thanks Honey! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Whoa! Haven't seen it yet. Gonna have to skip work and stand by the mailbox tomorrow until it comes.
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I think that it has not come east yet. I don't have my copy either.
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Any chance of getting an autograph?
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HA HA!!! Now that's a way to coerce people to come to the Academy! NOT!
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Way to go, LM! You are...Hard Core!

We should note that our own "Jonathan" (Jon Lawson) also has an article in TPS this month, also focusing on the core--"10 Core Commitments: An Instructor's Perspective."

Congratulations to you both!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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It's my understanding that The Professional Skier is sent out in multiple bulk mailings. I often receive it as much as a couple weeks after others have gotten theirs.
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Yes, Mr. Lawson wrote a good one too. "Plan on being just as committed one year from now". My mantra!

Just noticed today, Notorious Spag won the caption contest as well. While not nearly as high-dollar as JL and LM's contributions, it still won me $25!!! (I had forgotten that I even submitted it.)

Anyway, I'm finding this issue of TPS to be quite informative. Maybe more-so than ever. (my opinion) Charlie Macarthur's telemark/alpine article is pretty studly. The synopsis of INTERSKI 2003 is fascinating. Lisamarie's "Cut to the Core" has got me thinking! Jon Lawsons "10 Core Commitments" makes you realize why we do this silly job. Ann Lindemann throws down a very informative piece about self-arrest after a "Full Throttle Fall." Articles by Doug Pierini, Jim Schanzenbaker (shanzy), Megan Harvey, Chris Fellows, Chris Kastner, Katie Fry, Charlie Mac, Jill Sickels Matlock, et. al. are all great. It's been awhile since I've taken this long to read TPS. Don't throw this one away!

Can I go skiing yet?

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Glad to hear I was in one of the better issues. Just a couple of pointers. As always, I went in way over my head on that article, and covered more ground than I should have.

But one of the most important points, was that a student can come to your classes, and seem to look incredibly fit, but the type of highly predictable training they've been engaged in actually hinders their ability to make progress in an unpredictable sport such as skiing.
There's a new fitness book called ProBodX. The authors had worked with many pro athletes and discovered the same thing. The strongest people were not necessarily the most athletic.

I'd like some feedback about photos. I chose colleagues who were fit and participated in some sort of sport, preferably a snow sport. When I get interviewed for articles, they always have a skinny model demonstrating the exercises. If any of you, male or female, would see something like this in book form, would you prefer to look at model types, or athletic types?

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Got it in the mail today. Read the article after dinner.

Great job.

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I saw your article in the Pro Skier and it is great. I took a couple of things from it, that for me,were the most helpful. First, was your introduction about learning to ski. I have been trying to learn to swim correctly and can identitfy with your experience about learning to ski. It motivated me to keep on working at the swimming. Because of the process that I have been going through with swimming has been trying. Second, is the exercises have been great and am using them to get in shape for skiing. Thanks again, great writing. eabrown
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EABrown is being self effacing again!

I think she is relatively fit by any standard. She has won her age group in every duathalon she has entered this summer.

It is interesting to contrast fit vs. strong.

EA, is however, strong as well I'm sure.

How many woman are in the seventy five and over age group EA?

Also, her daughter stars in a movie that opens tonight in Boulder!

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I finally got my copy of TPS yesterday (they come via Germany!) and gleefully thumbed through it, looking at all the things I was going to enjoy later. Lisa-Marie, your article is a corker! I really liked the pics and I'm going to find it so useful. I have a swiss ball and tend to use it as a chair, as I can never think of what exercises to do with it. No longer. It was well-written, too, I liked the hook at the start.

TPS in general reminded me yet again why so far I'm a member of PSIA only. They cater to people who want to know more, understand more, expand their knowledge and understanding. and they cater to people who want to teach better!

I was interested to note in several articles how they highlighted PSIA's push to improve how their members teach people, rather than trying to make members into god-like skiiers. I do agree with this approach, I think that this is going to result in better results for the guests, more returners, more retention of skiiers in our sport. PSIA is looking outward, rather than down and inward.

...Now, if they'd just find a way to keep their skiing standards adhered-to in exams, the sky would be the limit. If they could find a way to ensure that examiners all over the country only passed people who exhibited sound, correct ski moves...not god-like skiiers, but sound skiiers. It's not a tall order!
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Bravo, LM! Good article; well written; very helpful!
See you soon!

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I receivd my copy last week. Great article. Now if I can only find the motivation to do it. : Or anything that you could consider 'conditioning', for that matter.
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Lisamarie, your article in TPS was great [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] - the level of detail was definitely appropriate for that venue. Thanks for helping us learn, grow and improve as athletes.
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Thanks everyone! Can't wait to get my own copies!
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I'll add to the kudos. I got my copy yesterday and immediately read LMs article. It is the first piece about ski-specific conditioning I've read in any forum that really works for me. Most are simple weight room "condition these muscles" pieces. LM gave us the what, why and how in laymen's terms with examples of exercises that are effective and not too difficult.

I may hear this article more than predecessors because I have incorporated many of these exercises in my conditioning plan this summer and they seem to be working. I'm going to be making sure my friends read the article and using it to check up on the things my personal trainer is having me do. Further, it has spurred a direction for experimentation in my personal skiing and for discussion about incorporation into my teaching at the SnowPro Jam.

LM: I prefer pictures of athletes to pictures of models to accompany publications about athletic activities.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
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And thank you! I finally got my copy! A great "companion piece" to my article is the suberb one by Chris Fellows on recovery. By strange coincidence, he goes into some of the things that I was going to cover. But at 4,685 words, I realized I was "extending my welcome". Chris explains some interesting stuff about how visual and auditory cues effect balance.

The entire magazine is superb! Too bad its not available to the general public. We would learn a lot more from TPS than we would from Ski Magazine.

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