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Boot pain on lifts

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I've been skiing since 4th grade and I'm a sophomore in college now and just recently I've started having horrible pain on the lifts from my boots on the arch of my foot, so much so that I take 1 or 2 runs and I have to finish for the day!  My boots are new but I experienced the same thing when I was renting boots during the time I was inbetween pairs.  Are there any suggestions as to what I should do?  New liners?  New boots?  Anything helps. :)
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Quite a common problem, especially for people with a high arch, first you should have a decent footbed to support the arch, then hopefully someone like a good boot fitter will have shown you how tight your buckles should be as this is important, and all this is assuming you are in the right boots to start with, like most boot problems you need to get into a qualified boot fitter and they will be able to help you solve this problem.
There are lot of other things that can be done to boots to relieve the pressure such as modifying the padding in the instep area of the tongue, but this is best done by those who do this for a living.
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as Paul has said, there are lots of things which can be done, you need to get to a fitter to have the whole thing assessed properly, you could start by reading the wiki at the top of the forum, then you understand how the boot should fit you and prehaps answer some of your own questions, a simple shell check could reveal all you need to know as to where the problmes are coming from

good luck
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what they said.

is it better, on the lift, with the buckles looser or tighter?
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Thanks for the info, I will definitely look into your suggestions. 
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