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Hot Tub Time Machine

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When I learned this flick would have some winter sports in it, I gave it a chance.  Better than I expected.  In between laughs there were more fashion and apres-ski gags than ski jokes, and I spotted a pair of Atomic ARCs. Maybe some of the retro guys could comment.
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I need to see it.  It is filmed in my town of Fernie.
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Saw it last night, being a John Cusack fan, I had to. Some funny spots, IMHO Crispin Glover stole it for me, he was great. The is a John Cusack production, his buddy Steve Pink produced it. It is a Pleasantville meets BTTF meets Better off Dead movie. 
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Originally Posted by newfydog View Post

I need to see it.  It is filmed in my town of Fernie.

Was Roxanne (Steve Martin) also filmed in Fernie?
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Roxanne was filmed in Nelson BC
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I won't  pay $12.00 to see it in a theater.  But I will pay $6.00 to pay per view it and make a disk.  Or, I should ask for it on DVD for Fathers Day
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This movie was hilarious imo. Somewhat dissappointed however that there was only a short 5 or so minute ski scene, even though that was pretty funny. Heavily banked on the sex humor.
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