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Summit County, this week

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RISkier and I have been skiing for the past week at Breck, Keystone, Beaver Creek, and A-Basin. It's all good, but Breck has been the best in terms of conditions. It was snowing pretty hard all day today there, and it's snowing still here in Frisco, our home base for the week. We should get a few more inches overnight, and given the accumulation this afternoon, I think it will be an awesome powder day at Breck tomorrow.

Many have posted before about the merits of staying in Frisco, we have absolutely loved it. We stayed for a week in Vail in January, we won't be doing that again. But we're already thinking about coming back out next March and staying in Frisco again.

A-Basin on a sunny day is absolutely stunningly beautiful. We also went up to the top today at Breck and rode the highest lift in North America (just fyi, it's the 6th highest in the world, the highest is in Brazil), that was great because we did it before it got really cloudy and snowing. One could get some serious vertigo up there in bad weather (same for the top of A-Basin, I think.)

Also, thanks to Bob Barnes and some others who posted with some recommendations on parking, etc., out here. Driving to the Pika lot at Keystone and booting up at the Mountain House is fantastic, and paying to park at the gondola lot at Breck and booting up at the locker area at Peak 8 has worked out really well for us. We were talking with a guy at the Backcountry Brewery the other night, and compared stories of parking at Beaver Creek. We came to the conclusion that the people at the little shacks at the entrance to BC are trained to misdirect traffic to avoid the free parking areas (Bear Lot for example) and get them to drive all the way up to the pay garage in the hopes that people will just get frustrated and pay 30 bucks or something like that to park up there. They told him and us, "drive up the hill and take a right just before the light." Well, neither our new friend nor we ever saw a light, and we both ended up wasting a half hour of our day trying to find the free parking. I've also never been to a ski resort that doesn't have signs on the road for every parking area, but BC does not. Keep your freaking chocolate chip cookies, I'd rather have a sign on the road directing me to the free parking areas. Okay, rant over.


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we did about 4-4.5 hours at K'stone yesterday, till the snow started too hard and limited visibility on Dercum to about 50' (that and complaints of cold hands from the younger two).  All in all not bad (for K'stone this year).  Breck has been the best of the Summit resorts in my limited use this year.  Keystone was better yesterday than early in the season but not great.  We tend to park at the east end in Montezuma and get set at the car and just walk thru the village to the lift -- but that is a function of our ignorance and my cheapness.  Skied both Dercum and North peaks, both good -- Propector/Alamo, and Star Fire all good on North Peak, as always it was far less crowded.  Good snow on most of Dercum blue runs we did, esp. Frenchman and Flying Dutchman.  Mozart had some scraped section (the ten year old set's claim).  But a good day till the snow squalls from the storm rolled in.  Of note I70 east of Copper was actually fine, not too icy or snowy by mid-afternoon, a nice surprise.
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Job151, the parking at the Pika lot at Keystone is also free, although there is a pay lot right across the little road, I guess if the free lot fills up people are willing to shell out 20 bucks!

Update, conditions at Breck today were awesome, easily the best conditions RISkier and I have ever skied on in our limited experience and continual bad luck with timing our trips out west. They reported 7 inches, which I think was accurate given that it seemed deeper in a few places and not as much in others (and of course that was a 24 hour report, some of which fell during the day on Friday and got groomed out.) By late in the day some of the snow was firm where it had gotten scraped up, but I wouldn't call it icy by our east coast standards. It's snowing again here in Frisco so maybe they'll get some more tonight. The weather was very changeable today, sun out, snowing and windy, sun back out, that kind of thing.  
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 IceQueen, We were at Breck yesterday too!!!
You're right the conditions were really nice, but today was the cherry on our sundae!
Glad you're having fun, we are too!!
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Hey TC, saw that you were going to be out here, thought about seeing if you wanted to do a run or two, but RISkier and I are just upper intermediates and probably couldn't hang with you guys. We took a couple of days of lessons from a really good instructor at Breck named Carl Richter, he says we're level 7's but I'm thinking the west standards are about a level higher than the eastern folks think they are. Anyway, we got some good bump skiing instruction and just loved the skiing today. Not like the big hard icy things we see in New England at all! This place rocks, have a great time while you're here!
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