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Help on new ski boots

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I have been skiing a season on rentals and am ready to get my own gear. I am comfortable on moguls, in trees, and can make my way through double blacks (although not very fast). I am looking at the Tecnica Dragon 110s. I know these boots are for advanced skiiers (which I am not); however, I think these would give me room to grow into. I tried them on and thought they fit really well. I liked the stiffness. What do you guys think? From my research it sounds like it will be a bit of a learning curve at first but I enjoy the challenge. What about the Agent 110s? I can't imagine I'll be doing any huge drops in the future but the guy at the ski shop recommended them.
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I am definately no expert on boots but I guess it would help to know ur weight and fitness level/strength. Basically u have to be able to flex the boot. The dragon and the agent have the same flex so they just differ in a couple of features/liners. So if the dragons r too "advanced" or stiff for u the agents will have the same problem. Probably the best recommendation is to go to a place who with a good boot fitting reputation and try on several pairs of boots. The fitter will ask u about ur skiing and can see how u r able to flex the boot. Also be careful not to get a boot that feels too comfy as soon as u put it on. People tend to buy boots a size too big because it feels good when u put them on with no pressure points etc...u want a place that will fit u into several boots and then pick the one that fits ur foot shape the closest. The boot should be pretty snug as the boot will only get bigger as the liner packs out. Then they can custom work on the liner or shell to get the final fit. Also look into custom footbeds....expensive but worth it. If u take out the footbed in a retail boot no matter how expensive the boot is, it will be cheap paper thin foam. Sorry to get side tracked as this probably doesn't answer ur question at all. But since it sounds like this is ur first time buying boots I wanted to emphasize to u the importance of getting properly fitted. Because It would be a shame to spend money on expensive boots that felt good as soon as u put them on in the store and them realize they r actually too big. The most important part in buying boots is the fit. So once u find a brand matches ur foot shape then u can narrow down the flex or spcific model. Btw I just bought my boots last year and knew I need a lot of custom work done because of a weird shaped ankle from a prior fracture. So I found a recommended fitter and got custom footbeds and had work done on the boot. Best money u can spend on skiing. I have the dragon 120's. I am 165lbs. I took out one screw and the flex is fine for me. Hope this rambling is somehow helpful.
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 Thanks for the reply. I guess my question really boils down more to flex than anything else. I am 5'9 and weigh 155. I have pretty strong legs and would consider myself very athletic. I understand the fit part of the boot selection process. What would happen if I bought boots that are too stiff? I always think to myself that I wish the rentals I use were stiffer.
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I have the Dragon 100's after a couple years of searching.  I had been in Salomon for decades before that but did not like the X-Waves or the Impacts I tried the last couple years.  The Dragons were the first boots in a while that have been comfy all day long.

I am a pretty big guy (6'2", 220), athletic, and a pretty good skier (30+ years, grew up in UT) and have found the 100's to be just fine.  Much better than the Impact 9's from last year in terms of "skiability" (flex, responsiveness, comfort, etc.).  I'm sure the 110's will work for you but the 100's are usually less expensive if that matters.

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Get the custom foot beds as previously mentioned. Some shops will give you a good price on the foot beds if you are also buying boots. A generic foot bed sort of guesses the where and how much arch support you need, but a custom foot bed is the "mirror image" of the bottom of your foot. As well as providing way more comfort, a custom foot bed also tends to lock your foot in place for increased performance.

Although they are pricey a custom foot bed will out last your ski boots and can go from boot to boot as you go thru several boots over the years. If you can't afford both custom foot bed and a ski boot then I would recommend getting the foot beds only and using them in rental boots until you can afford the boots.
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