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Nordic Adventure

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Took a two hour "learn to skate ski" lesson at our nordic center yesterday.

Wow, those sure are skinny skis

I'm now better than 96% of the skate skiers in Colorado.

I'm an all trail skate skier, uphill/downhill/left turns/right turns.

I went out with a couple of Swedes after the lesson and we ripped. Dusted a couple of Finns.

In all seriousness, try it. I think it will improve my alpine skiing.

Boy those boards are slick and skinny.
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As a kid of 9, (Boy Scout outings) I got the chance to do the nordic thing. Didn't Alpine ski till I was 14. I think it helped my learning to Alpine ski a lot...

The were skinny then too, but heavier and not as slippery. The bamboo poles were a neat touch!

Have not done any nordic since I moved to Colorado. The skating thing looks like fun, I've only done the traditional "kick" thing.

Who makes really wide nordic ski boots? It's always the issue for me, with my EE to EEE duck feet! Used a Dachstein "touring boot" as a kid...
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heh, skating will give you a great butt and tights, guys.

I've got to try that one of these days.
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I've tried the skating on waxless, traditionally double cambered skis. Even with that equipment, it's pretty amazing the difference that it makes. Now I just need to get real skating gear, and actually SKATE. It's very hard to skate well on classical equipment. Possible, but only barely.
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The boots were wild. I felt like such an idiot. I couldn't get into the bindings.

I really enjoyed it. We have a great series of nordic trails. We had a level III nordic instructor who got all of us up and running.

I was sore this morning. I will also say this....when you fall on those things it happens in the bat of an eye.
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It's 97% - get it right!

When I quit skiing, a few years later I took up skate skiing. I used to hang out at Eldora and train with all the cyclists and triathletes up there.

It's a great sport and it teaches one to balance on one foot. Like right now, Lito is really preaching skating.

Will it improve your Alpine skiing? But Rusty. Isn't skiing on one foot disfunctional (hee hee. You'll never live that one down)?

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The 96% was selected with great care.
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I'm kind of thinking about a new Nordic teaching system


More to come later!
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Stiff and sore or not, Rusty, it didn't slow you down today on your alpine skis! Great skiing with you, as always. Sorry you had to leave a little early--we'll have to "finish" another day!

Rusty and I skied most of the day at Copper Mountain today, tracking up the several inches of new snow that fell overnight in Copper Bowl and Union Bowl. And yeah--we threw in a few little wedge christies just for fun and discipline, too. Rusty is skiing better than ever--which is saying a LOT, really! Those perfect "10's" he scored in the PSIA exam recently were well-deserved!

Level 3 is all but a foregone conclusion, Rusty!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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You are too kind.

I had a wonderful experience today. I shadowed a lesson taught by Bob. The woman was a pretty darn good skier. In many ways she tipified the "average" upper level skier.

IMHO her skis were a little too long and like all of us she had a couple of things she needed to work on.

Bob did a wonderful interview with her on the chair in order to pinpoint her motivation. In many ways she merely wanted a ski guide. She skied a bit and the rookie level II noted a lack of "tipping" and a good deal of smearing. I would have embarked on jamming carving technique down her throat.

The woman was ablely skiing a short bump run and I made mention of "my lesson plan" to Bob. In his inimitable way he pointed out to me that carving was not what the customer had stated was her motivation for taking a lesson. Here's the important thing. I was not chided. I was told in Bob's normal kind manner,hence the moment was cathartic. Jeez I just looked up that word online and it wasn't all that bad!

Thanks for the kind words. As stated, my skiing may be on the upswing, however, my teaching has a long way to go. Do I possess a modicum of technical knowledge. I suppose. Yesterday demonstrated to me that teaching is art. It is an art form that Bob has mastered.

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I think you and Barnes need to go get a room.
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Cute, one of the few things you've said that was entertaining. Much of what you say is humerous.

Hope we can ski together soon.
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Way to go Rusty Guy, keep it up! I think the V2 skate is probably the most demanding for most folks in terms of balance. V2 is when you double pole on each skate. Often used on flats and gentle downhills by us mere mortal types.

Have you tried tele yet? Talk about a hoot.

Lisamarie, have you tried track skiing? Killer for dynamic balance and fitness and it is repetitive/hypnotic sorta like distance running. If you haven't tried it, you might really enjoy it.
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We just got to V2 in the lesson. My timing is terrible. I am hooked. Any free time that I get this week I plan to spend at the Nordic Center.

I have not become a pinhead....yet!
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HA! You are hooked. It is too late to be flinging usless comments to the contrary.
Good on ya for getting to V2. Lots of alpine folk are quite attracted to skate skiing. Amazing how fast you can zip around on the weenie gear eh?
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Mary, you are psychic! I really want to try it! Trouble is, New England has been so hard up for snow that I'm not sure if our cross country tracks are even open! I think for next season I really want to try to learn that. Might be a good alternative when I can't afford those full weekends od downhill skiing!
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LM, well the good news is that there is finally some track being set at Alta. They have about 7km set around the base area between Albion and Wildcat. For years people have been skating up the Albion road but I think it is great Alta has started up a bonafide little nordic center.

Then there is Soldier Hollow... Anyway, if you come out to Utah next year, we will have to go slide around.
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Is "weenie gear" as bonafide a term as "pinhead"?
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