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Cellphone only because his radio doesn't work.
Doesn't have a radio, then for emergencies only, or to link up with another instructor for the purpose of reorganizing their classes according to skill levels.

The director of the ski school should be notified of such practices, and if this practice is tolerated by the director, ask for your money back.

BTW, if you pay by credit card and they won't give you your money back, call the billing dept for your credit card company, and challenge the charge.
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I understand that you have a full day, though it's not exactly like you don't break for lunch or the bathroom or anything. I just wonder if people use the technology as a crutch for being organized (as in, why didn't Instructor ____ figure this out before he left the lodge?) or checking in physically on occasion, etc. Maybe that's not always possible, but I've never witnessed an instructor need to break a lesson to talk on a walkie-talkie or anything. I have on occasion seen one instructor converse to an instructor passing by, conducting another class, etc., which fortunately has been limited.

I'm not saying there's never a use for this thing but that I can very much understand why it could appear unprofessional and possibly detrimental to the class. Myself, I would avoid it, particularly doing it in front of my students, or if that doesn't work, use it at the end or beginning of class only.

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Wow, just imagine what we'd be hearing here if he had a STIFFY while on the phone!
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I really do understand your point. And in most cases I would not acknowledge my phone ringing. Although, it is not as if I have a lunch break long enough to get phone messages and return calls. For example, on most days I (personally) start at 8:30, teach to 12:15 and go out again at 12:30 returning at 3:30. If something in the office changes with a lesson, it is not my organization, nor is it uncommon that the office may call. In fact, a few weeks ago I was called by the office because the students Credit Card did not accept the charges and I was told to swing the student in to get payment. Now that was an awkward situation, but handled without embarassment.

My point being, we do not know the nature of the call regarding the Whistler Instructor. And I for one would give him the benefit of the doubt.

best regards,
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Hi Jonathan,

Sounds like the lodge's disorganization is spilling onto you if they have a problem with payment and are calling you about that. Usually with rentals and tickets and lessons, the people I have dealt with have swiped the card and have gotten approval for payment before I get squat. Fortunately, as a university instructor, I don't need to worry about that. Big Bad State U already got its claws into mom and pop's wallet!

Miles: HA! [img]smile.gif[/img] (Guess I was part of the problem, rather than the solution, being as I didn't even bother to take a stand on the stiffy issue. But since when can one legislate what a company chooses to call itself...)


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I recently saw a ski instructor on a cell phone. He was calling the main dest to make an anouncement that a child who became seperated from his parents is found and is being escorted to the main desk. Sounds important enough to me for a call. In this case the instructor also made a call to have the ski patrol escort the boy to the bottom and to the main desk.
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Lisa, as you know, there is really only one good solution for a stiffy...
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