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Tuckermans..end of April?

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 Anyone up for a Tucks trip? It might be a good time to break in the new oil burner. Thoughts on day? I am open. 
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how about Highland? 
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Originally Posted by epic View Post

how about Highland? 

 On the way back? 
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I am excited about a trip to Tuckermans.  Working on wife as a volunteer Sherpa.  Matt's last year at UNH so it would be nice.

1976, I think, since I was last there.  It was a tough climb then.  Wonder if it's any easier now?

I'd prefer a weekday - it's crazy otherwise.
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Ya, they finished the detach quad over the summer. Its a breeze!

Brining your own six pack (abs and/or beer) is still required. I guess the latter is where the sherpa comes in.

I wish I could join you. I only go east during the summer these days to visit family and sail. My folks live in the valley. I'll be climbing Breck and surrounds in late April.

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I could be persuaded...

I'm currently broke, unemployed and bored so maybe I'd work this in as part of a return to Maine. I haven't skied at all this year so i might just be an observer....
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I'm not in the greatest shape of my life, but I'd love to get in on this if I can sneak up there for a few days. Let me know when you're looking to go. This'll be a good motivation to get out on a long run this weekend.

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I'm pushing my luck to take much more week-day time off, but I'd be up for at least hiking up to observe.  I think half the fun is observing the madness of the weekend crowd.  Anyway, I'll watch this thread and if I can make it, I will.
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It is definitely madness at times. Getting up there when there  are just a few, good skiers with the quiet, the camraderie is special. Although a rag doll fall always makes for good entertainment when its someone you don't know.

Depending on when the road opens, it is fun and more relaxed skiing to drive up and ski the snowfields above the ravine.
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I might find myself unemployed at the end of April. Wow, that'll be a great way to say goodbye to the season.
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 I have no intentions to be anywhere near tuckermans during a weekend. If anyone want to ski the other stuff at washington Ill be game in 12 days.
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Some friends and I are tentatively planning on heading up the weekend of the 24th/25th. I could also do the weekend before, the 17th/18th. I can't take any vacation days for this, so if you guys end up up there on a weekday I'll have to pass. No worries either way.
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I'm down. Give a date and I shoot up there :P
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 how about a Sat-Sun-Mon? I am thinking about driving up Fri night/Sat AM to Vt them over to Tucks by noon on Sat (I am sure it will be hell to find a spot to park) then Sun/Mon. 
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I'd be fine for a day trip on a Saturday or Sunday. Are we talking about next weekend?
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Are you thinking of camping or hiking up 2 days or what?
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I could be up for this--though not til the end of April/beginning of May
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I may find myself up there. 
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not much snow this year from the videos on TGR.
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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post

not much snow this year from the videos on TGR.

 Rethinking this. Awful far to go for some marginal skiing. Although, the experience is part of the thought too. 
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I've skied in June and had a great time.  End of April should be fine, just a bit limited.  If you look at the headwall now, it's not going to last long.  But the chutes should be fun.
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It wasn't the year for it, goes that way some years.

But never on a weekend.

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Chose to do Vail..then A-Basin..then Tahoe instead. 

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- nice choices, and sounds like you had a lot less hiking than I did at "the big one" this year on the first weekend in May...

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BTW, here are some pics of Hillman's Highway on May 1st, which was clearly fun to ski despite considerable avalanche advisories that day, and some modest crevasses:


Tux 7.jpg


Tux 1.jpg


Note the specks in the lower picture, which are skiers in the snowfields to the right of Hillman's Highway...

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Nice, I needed that.

I was on the Tuck site yesterday b4 I saw Phil's thread here, the avi warning and pics made it look like early June instead of May.

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 Yesterday's avi report from


The Tuckerman Ravine Trail is CLOSED TO ALL USE from Lunch Rocks to the junction with the Alpine Garden Trail. This includes the Lip area and the section of the hiking trail from the floor of the Ravine through the top of the Headwall. Only this section of the trail is closed, and it includes the Lip. This annual closure is due to the magnitude of crevasses and undermining that develop in this area during the spring melt-out. A fall in this area would have severe consequences. The Lion Head Summer Trail is open and provides an alternate route to the summit.


Avi danger is low. Ice fall and crevasse danger is high. This doesn't typically improve with time until there is simply no ice to fall and no snow to ski on.


Look to the snowfields for skiing.

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If anyone hasn't actually come upon the sign up there warning of the danger of falling ice, here it is:Tux 6.jpg

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