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Howdy!  This review is for the SCC Bootjack 187 Big Mountain ski.  SCC is a fledgling company based here in the USA, making handmade skis in South Lyon, Michigan.  Find a way to demo some of these skis, they are solid.  
2010 SCC Bootjack Big Mountain ski, 187cm mounted with Salomon demo clamps.  Sidecut of this model is 140 - 107 - 130, 25 meter radius.  Conditions skied varied from 18-24" new PNW Blower, slush, corn, 6" of day-old with a thick refrozen sunbaked crust, 'roy and pow bumps in the 10 days I have on them. 
Me:  45yo, 5'11", 185lb, ex-snowlerblader, have 40+ years under my bootshells.  Typically ski in the fall line, altering trajectory with linked recoveries only when absolutely neccesssary.
Current PNW quiver:  195 SuperBro's (daily driver), 192 Brohemoth's, 191 Mantra's (Super's replaced these, now collecting dust), 185 Salomon Xtra-Hot (rock/teaching), various other sticks that are too long and narrow, too many snowboards and tele skis to list..... 
The 187 Bootjack is another fine ski from the guys at SCC.  The progressive flex is just slightly stiffer in the tail than the tip.  The vertically laminated Ash core has nice pop (rebound) in the soft snow.  This ski has a damp overall feel, but it's not dead feeling at all.  Swing weight is light and  the ski retains a nimble feel underfoot.  
Groomers-  The Bootjack does well on groomers.  It has the same feel underfoot (solid) as its smaller sibling on firm 'roy, while on edge.  Its just a bit farther to tip up on edge, you know the feeling.  All skis in the 105-110mm waist catagory have this feel at low speeds on hard snow.  Once you get rolling though, it goes away.  The Bootjack rails nice medium to large radius turns.  Rebound is not snappy, yet it is there when you need it.
Bumps-  The  Bootjack skis soft bumps with a sweet, supple feel.  The progressive flex is well suited to mid-day pow bumps, after the 'goods' are tracked out.  With the same tip profile as its smaller sibling, the Bootjack is comfortable 'blasting' the pow pillows at a moderate pace, that can be found covering the zipperline.
Crud/Chop-  The Bootjack skied tracked out conditions well.  It has a nice solid feel underfoot and the 25 meter radius made life easy.  This ski absolutely killed it in re-frozen, sunbaked, breakable crust over new.  It was stupid easy to keep the tip out of the snow and just mash everything from the fore-body back through the crust and go.  The Bootjack reminded me of a 'golden budda' from years long past, that day and the afternoon I got on them in the corn.  The flex pattern and/or tip shape will leave the high speed  crowd wanting more, yet for the masses, this is a comfortable ride in the bowls/glades.  
Powder/Trees-  The Bootjack really shined in the powder, it did most everything well.  It can be skied slowly, providing a stable platform for 'popping' from turn to turn.  The Bootjack can also be skied with a more aggressive style, yet again the flex/tip profile prevent it from being skied 'flat-out'.  It's not as 'slarvy' as a pintail, but the 107 waist keeps it afloat for a nimble feel in the trees.  Traditionalists will like the way this ski handles soft snow at anything but the highest speeds.
Summary:  The 187 Bootjack is a solid offering from SCC.  This ski will satisfy all but the 'hard-chargers' as a great quiver ski for large resorts or small.  I would hesitate to call this a true 'Big Mountain' ski, its not an XXL or a Brohemoth.  It is however, a versatile ski in the catagory that skis well in most all conditions.  The guys at SCC are headed in the right direction and they are 'built in the USA'.  Personally, I feel this ski would benefit from a carbon layer and a lower profile tip or perhaps a more gradual tip profile radius.