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Please help...volkl ac50 with marker wide ride binding

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Bear with me, I'm a long time skier but these are the first skis I have ever actually owned.  I bought these thinking they would come with the bindings mounted (that's what it shows on the web site, right?).  To my dismay, when I opened the package the bindings were in a separate box, not mounted to the ski as I expected.  The ski has these red "tracks" that I can slide the binding into easily, but there has to be more to it than that, right?  Is the mounting something I can do myself, or do I need to have a professional do this?  My big problem is that I seriously doubt that there are any Marker authorized dealers/technicians in Chattanooga, TN.  Any advice?
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First, I don't have an AC50.  However, I've owned several Volkls with that type of binding system.  I recall all I had to do was to slide the toe piece from the front, heel piece from the rear, inter-lock them in the middle, then slide the pin between them.  Make sure that the pin is turned to 'Locked' position. 

Adjust the binding length to your boot sole length with the middle turnie thingy.  Your bindings should have came with instructions on 'how to install' in the box.

Finally set the DIN on the toe and heel pieces.   If you aren't 100% sure on the settting, then bring them to a ski shop technician.
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ElJefe, GO TO A PRO!!! (and I don't mean a hooker)

I cannot stress this enough. You have zero experience and if you mess it up you can get hurt.

If you don't have a ski shop nearby then wait until you go skiing. You're not skiing in chattanooga either.

Every mountain has a ton of ski shops nearby and usually at least one on the mountain.

I dont care what others tell you. GO TO A PRO!!!!!

Can't stress it enough.


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Well, I do sincerely appreciate the responses.  

The only instructions included with the binding are a string of warnings and disclaimers that basically boils down to "don't touch these unless you are a trained professional."

Corbets, I see what you mean about the turnie thing that adjusts the length of the bindings to the length of my boots.  I have now accomplished that, and I thank you for the help.

And, Johnny, you're right.  This is beyond me.  I am not going to try it myself.  I guess now I am just curious about whether these red "tracks" are really the only thing that holds the binding to the ski.  That just doesn't seem right.  There is a hole right in the middle of the ski (directly underneath the middle of the binding - the hole is partial thickness, it doesn't go all the way through the ski) that looks like it must serve some purpose.  

I'm also wondering whether I was wrong to expect the binding to be already mounted.  The pic on the web site (shop.aspeneast.com) clearly shows the ski with the binding mounted.  The text says "binding included."  Seems that if the binding is included, but not mounted it should have said "included, but not mounted."  It seems to me that, after seeing the pic and reading the description, it was reasonable to expect that the binding would already be mounted on the ski (I'm stepping off the soapbox now).

Anyway, I do appreciate the input.
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Bindings are typically not mounted on new skis because you have some flexibility when mounting them that you'd lose if they were pre-mounted - mainly regarding how far forward/back you mount them.

I have the exact skis and bindings and paid my local shop $80 to mount the bindings and adjust them to my boots, and wax the skis.
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They can't pre-mount bindings because everyone has different boot sizes and binding settings.  Now, if you gave your information to the place you ordered from, they could have done preliminary setup, but final adjustment would need to be checked by a local ski tech.

Starting from zero, there are so many things to be aware of that I suggest you let a shop set up the bindings.  IN addition to setting the right boot size, you have to adjust/check forward pressure (which keeps the boot in when it needs to stay in and helps it eject when it needs to eject) and the retention level (how much spring force keeps you in before ejecting).  All of these are important, and any can cause problems/injuries if not set right.
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No smart shop will mount a binding without a boot. You can thank this litigious society. If they send out a ski that has not been properly tested and you get hurt, you can sue them. Have a pro mount them, it is worth it.
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