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Another layering thread, looking for advice

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Long time browser, first time poster here.

I am just getting back into the skiing scene after a 10 year hiatus, need to get some new clothing for next year, and want to build up my layering system in the off season with the hopes to score some discounts. After much reading and understanding of the layers and new products available I have narrowed my thoughts down to the materials I am thinking about.

My primary stomping grounds are the Midwest and Northeast with the occasional trip out west, so I will be skiing in everything from -5 F to 45 F
I plan on going with a four layer system so it will allow me the ultimate flexibility for weather. I know this sounds like overkill, but I believe this will cover all bases, if the need arises, I go with two layers, really cold, go with all four. I am also considering the weight/warmth/thickness of each layer based on what I consider a scale of 1-4 from lightweight to expedition.

Allright, this is what I am currently thinking about, please let me know your thoughts on this.

1st layer- Synthetic - thinking about the pantagonia capilene 2 (my rating #2)
2nd layer- Merino wool - Thinking about the Icebreaker bodyfit 260 (my rating #2)
3rd layer- Fleece (looking for advice on what brands to look into here and/or thickness (thinking about a rating of #2 as well)
4th layer- Arcteryx stingray jacket and pants

Thought Process-

I am sticking with the #2 rating under the mindset that I could go from a cummalative rating of 2/4/6 based on whichever layers I choose.

I know, way too much thought into this, but hey, this is going to cost a small fortune either way and I want to be sure I am happy with my decision.


Am I better off going with the first layer as a #1, the second as a #2 and the fleece as a #3, Collectively they still acquire my overall rating of a 2/4/6, but also pick up the #3 and #5 as well depending on which layers I choose.

Are my first two layers both considered base layers? Is this crazy talk? Is it typical stack a synthetic under a wool then cover it with fleece?

Would you go with different ratings on these? Thinner/thicker for each layer?

Can you offer recommendations on a good fleece? Also what weight should I be considering?

Are there better products/brands that I havent considered yet?

Appreciate any feedback that I get from your guys!!

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If you are skiing in the Midwest, you need to think about the idea
of short runs and longer (related to the runs) liftrides.
You don't get warmed up from exertion on the really cold
windy days (or nights). 
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