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ON3P skis - bear's point of view

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There is a lot of info on this topic over at TGR, but since those guys are  a lil' bit biased (anyway they could be) I'd gladly here what others in the skiing community think.

Since I am a big fat skis fan and have Lhasa's in my quiver I'm mostly interested in the Great Scott.


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I would be shocked if you rec. many if any responses regarding ON3P and the C&D...  I purchased a pair of 191 ON3P Wrenegades and to say I am in love would be an understatement...  Last year I was very close to pulling the trigger on a pair of 195 Line Mo Ships and heard about ON3P...  Long story short - after looking into what they were doing and the models they were building and after several emails with Scott (owner and founder of ON3P) I pulled the trigger on the Wren...  I was so impressed with what they were doing that even if I did not like the ski I would not have been out much (money wise) and wanted to support what they were doing...  I rec. my skis in Jan and the build quality was absolutely top notch (was def. surprised) and the over-all shape and design of the ski was exactly what I was looking for...  I wanted a ski that would compliment my 190 Gold Goats as I was looking for something that would float and destroy crud...  I got back 2 weeks ago from a trip to Tride where we rec snow every day (unreal conditions) and the Wren exceeded my expectations...  Absolutely destroyed crud/tracked out runs, which of course only allowed my to push even harder and the float was stellar...

I am def. a fan of not only the ski, but ON3P and I am already in line for a new model they are introducing for next year called the Vicik (aka as the JBS)...  This ski will be 104 underfoot with tip rocker, camber and mod stiff - this of course is what the Goat should have evolved into and not what it did...  From here on out I will pretty much be purchasing boutique skis (ie - PM Gear, Moment, Fatypus, Lib Tech...

Just send a note to Scott and see what type of response you get from him...  The passion he has and committment is for real...  Also, just in case you did not see this, below is a link to a Youtube vid of someone kicking it on the C&D:


If you have any questions let me know...  I would kill to own a pair of the C&D, but cannot justify it as I need more of an all mountain get it done type of stick...

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This is not the realm of the boutique ski. Unless of course it's "The Ski"

I do not know anyone that has had a bad thing to say about ON3P. Scott is really great to talk to and has no problem tweaking a ski to meet his customers needs. Build qaulity is on par or better than the big guys. In 2 years I plan on being only on ON3P, and maybe a 183 Bro thrown in for good measure.

It makes no sense to me to be sending my money to China or Europe when there are good ski's being pressed by Americans for a competetive price.
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Glad to see this thread. 

In DEALING with ON3P, I have never heard a bad word about their customer service.  The company came from the fires of the interwebz, so they are overly aware at the impact keeping your customers in the loop and happy can have on the success of your company. 

I acquired a pair of 176 Billy Goats from a friend of mine that found their ride just too similar to his ARGs to keep, so I scored them on HUGE dicsount from him.  First thing I notied about them- build quality.  I would rate them every bit as good if not batter than my Aldo/AK pressed BRO 183s that were made in the Blossom, Italy factory.  The edges are surreal- they're almost double the thickness of even my BROs, which have oversized edges to begin with.  The bases are I believe the new ptex 2k that has a great structure to it, no real drag even on wet snow.  They're also insanely light for the size of the ski- I saw the edges and figured it to be kind of a tanker but it's very light.  Topsheets are gorgeous and durable.  Hand flexing the skis show the tip to be pretty soft and rockered quite a bit, while underfoot and tails are progressively stiffer.   

Skiing them?  Wow.  With a fresh foot on top of three packed feet, these skis really showed their true colors.  Dropping into steep, tight trees was a breeze.  With the fat shovel, progressive flex and taper these babies sink the tails, float the tips and swivel through the snow unlike anything I've ever tried.  More of a finesse ski than a real charger, they are effortless to turn in pow an the radius is whatever you need it to be at that second.  Think about where you want to go and WHAM!  The skis respond with a flick of the ankle, as the dims allow you to stay more forward in pow and keep your turns looking and feeling sexy.  Landings on drops ~10' were a breeze as the tails seem perfectly designed to stomp and ski out of deep pow.  You drop and hit, the tips float and the tails sink and boom!- You're off again...  they make it look easy!  ON3P certainly has some dreat designs and flex patterns, I can't wait to see what they come up with in the next few years- they are really everything a ski company should be IMHO- domestically produced and in touch with what their customers want, responsive and progressive while producing a superior product at a very competitive price.

I can't say enough good thing about them, and I am thrilled to see another indie manufacturer getting in the mix.  Way to go ON3P!  Keep up the good work! 
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I don't think Scott Posts on Epic Ski, ?  He just posted an update on the  Site detailing what happened this year and what next.

Very Candid, and I belive what he is saying.  I think this is a solid company in for the long run.

I am looking hard at the 181 Wrengade  as a playfull all mountain ski.

Look at thier Offerings and maybe give them some consideration

Direct Link to ON3P Udate
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No doubt I am a big fan of ON3P and absolutely love their skis...!  I just got back from a week at Bachelor and the only skis I brought were my 191 Wrens...  I am going to post a review in the next couple of days, but these are w/o a doubt my absolute favorite skis...  Last week I saw every condition possible - from 47 degree spring cream/slush to a blizzard like storm that brought 6 to 12 inch wind blown blower POW (the conditions were some of the best I have exp in I don't know how longe)...  They killed it every where and had no problem putting them up on edge and carving on the zoomer groomers when skiing with my 70 yr. old Pops...!  I was unfortunate to hit a big rock that I did not see on the day they opened the summit, which ripped the ski off and not one core shot or damage to the edge - just PTEX...  My Gold Goats would have not handled this type of hit and once I place my order for the Vicik my beloved Goats will be up for sale...

Cannot go wrong with this company or Scott...  This is a dude that loves the sport and is totally into what he is doing...!  My only bitch is I wish I lived on the West coast perminantly to justify the Cease and Desist...!  That and I cannot even count the number of times I was asked in line what skis I was on...!

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C&D is a sick ski! I would love to ski that for a day or 5 in some deep stuff. I am impressed with the following they have for not only the BG but the wren's as well. As a Icelantic fan, more power to the indies. There's a lot of soul in those skis.
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