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Hey guys,

I am really hoping someone can help me with this:
I was in Austria a few weeks ago, and I rented ski's from them, which meant I could try out as many ski's as I wanted.  I tried several, and fell in love with the 2011 Atomic Blackeye TI's.  The problem is, back here in North America, I can't get those yet, only the 2010 models.  The 2010 Model seems to be different, especially with waist size (the 2011's were 86mm or something like that). I notice the 2010 Crimson TI looks very much like the 2011 Blackeye, and I'm wondering if anyone knows the difference?

Thanks for the help, getting the 2010 Crimson would save a lot of $$ if I get it now instead of waiting for next years 2011 Blackeye.

Stats: 185lbs, 6'1", ski everywhere and anywhere.  Currently on the Atomic Metron 10's, and like them, but I popped the edge.