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I am 5'9 and 200 so going with the shorter ski was a bit strange for me. I should have gone with 186 probably, but at the time I was looking for a shorter ski since I am building a set of longer Solomon Czar's. I think they might not be making these anymore since the Watea's are around. Sounds like a very different ski but they are selling a lot more of them. The Misfits were in between their other lines and must have just been overlooked. I honestly hadn't considered them til I saw them on Tramdock so it might have been a good choice on their part. Any suggestions for mounting these? I've always mounted center but am hoping to get these mounted in the perfect spot. 

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I could not be happier with these skis, Exactly what i was looking for in terms of flex and width. I mounted mine center, but i am using it as an everyday ski. If you want it for powder put it back a little, but its not a powder specific ski, so id go with dead in the middle

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I have had a pair of fischer kehuas (177 same as misfit, previous top sheet design) with a pair of demo bindings on them, for the last 3 seasons, they are quite sensitive to mounting point. I have found that 1cm forward of the big mountain mark seems best for all mountain skiing. Mounted centre they are ok on hard pack, but not so good in softer conditions. 1 degree base and 3 degrees side works well. The bases are really tough as well!

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