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Fischer Misfits

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I just made a huge impulse buy and purcahsed a pair of 177 fischer misfits off tramdock for 240 bucks. I know very little about this ski, I just could not turn down the deal. Any info would be great. From what I have read it is all moutain ski geared towards the experienced skiier. How does it compare to the Waeta 94?
    I had my heart set on a pair of volkl bridges or Line prophet 90s but like I said the deal was to good. Any suggestions on bindings? What size brake do I need, I know it is a 94mm under foot, do I need a 100mm brake or will a 90 fit? Thanks for the help in advance guys.
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$240 is not a huge impulse buy (unless you're a student).
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Sad I am not a student and it is big for me lol. I meant more in regards to knowin nothing about the ski
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Tfull,even though you were looking at the Bridge,I am sure you will be happy with your purchase.Everyone makes great products,just some more suited for different applications than others.The Marker  Griffon with a 90mm brake would work great on that ski,the brake would have to be bent a smidge to work.The Dynastar NX11 would be a lesser expensive choice. IMO,better advice would be to keep looking on tramdock and find a higher priced freeride binding for at least half the price and get them mounted up even for next year.
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With the "snow35" 35% off code, this is going to be your best bang-for-the-buck in terms of bindings, and beats tramdock/SAC prices (free shipping).  The brakes will fit without modification.
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Thanks Dtew and Dave, what do you think about this bindinghttp://www.evogear.com/alpine-ski-bindings/marker-griffon-schizo-12-2010.aspx is it worth the extra hundred bucks? Dtew are there any advantages to the rossignal over the regular griffon 12?
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Ps Where should I get these mounted?

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Where meaning what shop or where on the ski.Your mounting point all depends on where you ski the most.If you ski all mountain,mostly in the park, or a combination of both dictates that.I for example split the difference and that has worked out well.The Schizo allows you to move the binding "on the fly if you will. A lot of people think that the idea is wonderful,however,wonder how long it will take to work out the kinks since it is new. Anyone own them?
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 I have the Fischer Atua which was part of the original Watea series.  It was renamed the Misfit and given its own line last year.  

My skis are very good in soft snow and crud, both light and heavy.  They hold fairly well in hard conditions and can ski under control at high speed, but it's not their favorite thing to do.  They're quick turners and do well in the bumps.  They are a great all-round ski except when there is a bunch of ice. In that case they will work to get you through it, but aren't much fun.  I use them as my soft snow ski.  Think of a wide Pocket Rocket that will hold in hard snow and is stable at speed and you'll have a general idea of the Atua/Misfit.
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posaune sounds like exactly what I am looking for! Daveski, as for mounting it was refering to the location on the ski, I bought a griffon 12 for 190 bucks mounted. I am thinking center or one cm back. I plan on skiing this ski 50/30/20 trees/bumpsgroomers/park
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I skied the Atua two springs ago and got them warranty replaced with 186 cm Misfits which Fischer said was the exact same ski except for the graphics.  The 177 (& 182) version(s) originally had a different name than the Atua (but they were all part of the same series, not Watea IIRC, maybe Mauri or something like that).  The 186 is listed at 96 mm under foot, so I don't know how it compares to the 177. 

I have a large foot (13.5 street/30 mondo) and had my Atuas mounted with x14 bindings between the sidewall mark and the back ("Big Mountain") topsheet mark and would describe the performance similar to Posuane.  When they did the warranty replacement, they drilled them on the sidewall mark and I did not like the way they held on groomers or firmer stuff.  I recently remounted them with Marker Dukes 2.5 cm back of sidewall (at or .5 cm in front of the original "Big Mountain" top sheet mark on the Atuas that was not indicated on my replacement Misfits).  This has improved the ski a lot for me on firmer snow and possibly on softer snow as well (although I was still pretty comfortable in most soft snow before the remount).  

My guess is that going back may hurt your park performance slightly, but will make it a better all mountain ski for you.   

PM me If anyone wants to make a deal for my x14 bindings, they have about 30-35 days on them and are in good working order.  Brake is listed at 93 mm.
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I also had a pair of Atuas which only came in 186 and pretty much agree with the descriptions given here. One thing though. You didn't mention your size. The Atua has a big twin and skis pretty short. I could imagine a 177 would be quite a quick turner. Not for a big guy.
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I am only 5"7 on a good day and 155 lbs
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The Griffons are less proven than the Look/Dynastar/Rossignol bindings, but are significantly lighter.  This attribute is better for spinning in the course of park skiing.  They have had some AFD issues, which is a design shared with the Dukes and the Barons.  They also feature a fairly high lift, which may or may not be your cup of tea.

The Rossignols I linked to are cheap, bomber-reliable, do the two parts of their job well (retention and release), do not require modification, but are a little heavy.  They also go up higher in DIN so that they are "keepers" even when you get better and require higher DINs.
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Tfull, if there are two marks and are about two inches apart, you will get the best all around performance by splitting these and using this as boot center.If you do not like the way they ski then you can have them remounted later butIMO this would be best for you describing your intentions.
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Thanks, Does anyone know if fischer is still making this ski? It does not appear to be on there website. Did they change the name? Or did they discontinue it?
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Tfull,when you get them mount them and go ski them!If you read toomuch into it you will second guess yourself,ski them and enjoy.
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You are exactly right dave, I need to apply that to everything I do lol. Any Idea if they are still making the misfit?
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I was actually joking because I do the same thing. Let me know how you like them and get back to me next year,I am definitely up for Killington.
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A better deal on bindings just came online:


Same bindings, just goes to DIN 12 instead of DIN 14.
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Nice I bought a pair of griffon 12s and am getting them stapled on for 190 total. So the whole package comes to 440 total for new 09 misfits with griffon 12 bindings
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Originally Posted by TFull View Post

Nice I bought a pair of griffon 12s and am getting them stapled on for 190 total. So the whole package comes to 440 total for new 09 misfits with griffon 12 bindings

You might have missed the part where you take an extra 35% off that price with the code "snow35", to make it sub-$100.

(But then, that does not include installation.  But then again, I'm not a fan of shop installs.  YMMV.)

Anyways, good score overall on a pair of skis.
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I purchased the Misfit 177s off tramdock as well. I just ordered some 4frnt deadbolt 15s to go with them. Not 100% sure of that combo but we'll see how it goes. Currently I am skiing on Head Mojo 90s with Mojo 15s mounted center. Post here when you get to try out the misfits because we have a short season here and I'd like to know how you like them!
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I am goign to windham this sunday, I will let you know how they are. I went yesterday and was very happy with the conditions. There was still snow in the trees! Jim how tall/heavy are you, I amd 5'6 155 and I am kind of second quessing myself not getting the 182s
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Jim, do you know if they still make the misfit? Did they change the name or did they discontinue it?
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Originally Posted by TFull View Post

Jim, do you know if they still make the misfit? Did they change the name or did they discontinue it?

don't see it on their website, so my guess is that they discontinued it...had my 186 cm out the other day in 9" at BC and am really enjoying them mounted 2.5 cm back of sidewall mark.
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Misfits ROCK!!! Granted the conditions were very very soft spring skiing, so I am not sure how they will do on extreme hard pack, but they absolutely tore through the slush. They were much quicker edge to edge then I expected, and very easy to turn. They held an edge and carved like a champ and banged bumps without a problem. Not to mention the pop off jumps and the soft landings. I can not wait to get them in the wood next year. So far I could not be any happyier
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Glad to see you like them. Keepme in mind next year,I definitely want to hook up and you can show me around Killington.If your boot size is small enough you can jump in my Bridges for a spin.Enjoy the Summer,  Dave
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You to dave have a good summer. I will be down for a killington tour next year, I was checking out my skis this morning and realized i have a small chip in the top sheet on the tail of my new skis. Now I feel dumb for taking out brand new skis in low snow coverage conditions. You think this is something i can try fixing myself? Or should i get it done professionally? Any advice on what type of epoxy to use and how to do it?
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Any type of regular epoxy should work,it is only to keep water out from the inside. As I tell everybody I ski with, you don't ski on the tops.Just kidding.It is probably not caused by low snow coverage,probably due to the extra length in the back,you will get used to them. Fill the hole,let it dry and then lightly sand and u should be good to go.     Dave
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