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boot storage until next season

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other than making sure the boots are clean and bagged up, and stored in a reasonable area, is there anything else i should be aware of when storing boots for the next...oh...9 months.

I've got the bindings done up, is that OK?

anything else?
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Make sure they're completely dry.  You don't want to find mold when you try them on next fall.

I prefer to store them in a place where there's a little airflow so as to prevent mildew, rather than bagging them up.

Buckle them to the same settings you use when wearing them so that they stay "in shape".

Some people advocate removing the liners.  I'm too lazy for that.

Other than that, a clean, dry place not subject to temperature extremes (well, cold is probably ok) will probably do it.
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We have a wiki that may be of interest: Ski Boot Liner Cleaning and Disinfecting 
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thanks Walt :)
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I put them in the dishwasher on cold with a mild detergent. Then I unscrew the buckles and put a little bit of grease on them, then I wind them back in and buckle the boots on the lowest setting. I also then pour baking soda in them and dishwash them again at the end of summer. They never smell. As for the liners I usually get new ones but if they are stinking I have put them in the wash on cold with absolutely no issues. Just make sure you take out your footbeds and wash them by hand.

BTW I do this like in the middle of winter too If i forget to take out my liners for awhile.

just a word of caution. never pour straight bleach into your liners, it like eats them.
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I recommend keeping them someplace climate controlled.  Storing things made of plastic in a hot shed or garage for extended periods tends to breakdown the integrity of the material. In other words, it makes them more brittle and more likely to crack.
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I'm not sure what you mean by having your bindings 'done up'. I would suggest adjusting your binding DIN's down to the minimum setting for the off-season. Keeping the bindings DINs at their normal setting keeps the springs under stress, which causes metal fatigue. When it's time to get going next season, have your bindings checked and DINed by a qualified shop tech.

For your boots, keep them buckled so the plastic doesn't set up in an 'open' position. Keep them next to your bed all offseason. Why? because come July, you'll get the itch to put your boots and skis on, and then you won't have to go dig them out of the basement.
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