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ski boot compression syndrome

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I began experiencing numbness on the tops of both feet after inserting arches into my low end Nordica boots (flex of 40).  I just recently purchased Technica Ativa P8s and my numbness has extended into my shins.  From my on-line research, I believe I am suffering from ski boot compression syndrome.  I am seeking guidance on what I need to do regarding boots.  Unfortunately I'm still experiencing the numbness and will have to stop skiing until it subsides, but when I start up again I want to avoid any recurrence.  I have been skiing at least once a week since December, and this problem began after inserting the arches.  Please, any help will be appreciated.
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Disco,  welcome to epic ski, enjoy the forums

without seeing your feet and your boots it is impossible to say where the problem is coming from, there are a numbe rof points which could trigger the problem, it certainly sounds as though it is something to do with the footbed you are using, maybe it is too thick, too high, not supportive enough>>>  is it the only thing inside the boot? was it interfaced to the base board inside the boot?

are there any pressure points when you where the boots, on top of your instep, around the ankles/achillis. this could giive an idea where the proble is arising.... the very best thing you can do is get to a good boot fitter who can assess the problem and see what needs to be done to resolve it, where abouts are you based, there is a list of fitters in the wikis at the top of the forum, if there isn't one close let us know where you are located and we should be able to direct you towards someone who can help

good luck
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how long have you been skiing?

with the nordica, how long have you had this boot, and did you have any problem before you inserted the footbed?

what is the boot size, and the measured size of your foot?

read the wiki's and determine the shell fit of your boots.

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I bought the Nordica boots in 12/09 and used them until last week where I then started using the Techica Ativa P8.  No, I hadn't had the problem until I inserted the arch foot bed, and then w/ the new boots it got worse.  I am going to try the old footbed again (minus the arch) and see if the numbness comes back.  I do realize what CEM was talking about and know I need to have a boot fitter.  I'm in Anchorage, AK and don't know if there is a boot fitter here (haven't checked the Wikis yet---new to site), but no one I've spoken w/ here has mentioned any such animal.  My boot size is 26.5; my foot size is a 9.5.  I just took up Alpine again this past December; I hadn't skied since high school.  I am an advanced skier, and I ski aggressively.  I have never had an issue of this kind before w/ any shoe.  I definitely need to see someone who can work w/ me in getting the proper boot. I'll read the Wiki later today; I'm a homeschooling mom and need to do that right now.  Thanks!
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ok, good info. still need you to shell size yourself. this is the crux move.

can you tell us more about the "arch supports" that you put in the boots? brand name, color, what do they look like? a photo of the footbed or arch support?

do you measure 9.5 women's on a brannock foot measurer? or do you wear women's 9.5 shoes? also are your feet narrow? wide? high instep? low instep?

how did you arrive at 26.5 as the boot size that you bought?

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Excellent questions to which I will have the answers to later today after homeschooling!  I so appreciate your help!  Thanks.

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 Was the arch support placed on top of the stock insole?
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Okay, I have figured out where the compression problem is.  Where the top of my anterior foot meets the lower part of the shin; the tongue of my boot liner is compressing there.  When I flex my feet that area gets more pronounced and pushes more into the tongue.  Now that my feet aren't so numb I experimented w/ my two different boot liners (old Nordica and new Technica Ativa P8s) and the old boot liner didn't push hard on that area like the new boot liner did.  When I added the Superfeet arch liners in my old liners that is when I began having the numbness---obviously because my foot was raised pushing that area I described above more into the tongue. 

My husband has researched the Intuition Boot Liner that is heat molded to your foot.  Would that product work for me?   Is there a boot out there w/ a liner that would allow that area (top of anterior ankle to lowest part of shin) to have more room so when I flex and push forward w/ my shins that I don't have that compression there?

My foot size based on the brannock is 9.5, and my foot is a medium width.  The Superfeet arch supports I bought were for low to medium rise, and they were the full foot liners--blue in color and replaced the foot liner beds in the Nordicas.  I have a very flat foot even when my feet are up off the floor. 

I appreciate your patience in helping me, thank you!
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see reply I gave to Jim. 
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