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Aspiring Ski Instructor

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My question is simple. Well, maybe not. What is the best way to get hired as a ski instructor? Allow me some details. Currently, I am Level I certified. I have taught at a small ski school in Missouri, and I want to work at a larger mountain. I want to gain my Level II certification this year. I am also willing to move to just about anywhere in the Rockies to work. I am mature, reliable, well educated, and have been a teacher for 25 years. Yet, the doors seem firmly closed wherever I call or apply. Obviously I have made some mistake, don't know the code, started too late or something.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Your difficulty in finding work seems strange to me. Many of the ski schools around here are positively desperate for lower level instructors to teach in childrens programs.

Let me check to see how the Olympic and "fear of flying" factors are affecting hiring and I'll get back to you. If I have a deffinate lead I'll get you a phone# through an PM.

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I'm perplexed at that as well. I spent some time in a kid's program and if you had a heartbeat and could ski we'd hire you on the spot. Here's a thought get away from HR and try and speek to whomever is directing the learn to ski programs. Check web sites for hiring fairs that the mountain is putting on. Good luck. If you want to come east I could get you a job in a hearbeat...
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apply on-line to every place that you can think of. Maybe you're just not looking hard enough?
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Hi Sam--I too am a little surprised that you've had any trouble finding a job. My guess is that you are experiencing the belt tightening that many resorts, especially big, destination resorts, are undergoing following Sept. 11. Many of the big ski schools in Colorado have cut way back on hiring this year, some cancelling their hiring clinics altogether.

I was talking recently with a manager of one of the big Colorado ski schools. He said they basically weren't hiring, at least at this point, keeping the staff at about 75% of last season's size. But they WERE interested in talking with highly versatile instructors. If you can teach kids and adults, young and old, and especially skis and snowboards, they'd probably talk with you....

My guess is that as the season picks up, a lot of ski schools will decide that they need more instructors after all. They're being cautious now, preparing for the worst. But things may not be that bad--so don't give up!

Good luck!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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It must be the southern accent.
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There are reports that a good many fall hiring clinics at larger resorts are not going to be conducted this year. The longer the politicians argue about providing improved security for the airlines, the more likely folks are going to ski where they can drive to easily.
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Something is going on, but i am not sure. Steamboat cancelled its hiring clinic, for what ever reason. If you don't mind learning PMTS, then I suggest the you call Melissa Greiner at Sol Vista (970)887-5180. She is the HR manager. She can fill you in.
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Thanks, all. I don't have a southern accent yet although I am living off season in North Carolina. I'm working on it.

Five minutes after I posted my somewhat desperate forum plea, the phone rang and I was offered a job. Thanks for the good karma.

Before I sign-off I would like to again extend my thanks and also my appreciation for this forum. I have found that, like many other pursuits, skiing has its share of people who hoard information and insights as if this secret knowledge somehow bumps them up a few notches on the status chart. It is indeed refreshing to meet up with a group of people who are so willing to help and share.

And, Bob, I've got the book. Still trying to figure out all the physics stuff, but, hey, I was an English major.

Peace y'all,
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Sam Jones drops in, gets a freebie, then leaves.

Southern Hospitality?
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Sorry, I don't quite understand the "freebie" and "leaving" part of the last message. You'll have to forgive me if I broke some rule of online etiquette--I'm very new at this. In fact, this is the first forum for me. The remarks seem especially hurtful after what I wrote in the previous posting. Maybe I was wrong. Most likely naive. But I'll take my naivite over hurtful any day.
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did you get my PM
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Congratulations, Sam! So where will you be working?

Don't hesitate to bring up questions here on the forum. Most of the "physics stuff" isn't really that hard to understand, if you sit down and think about it a little, and if you understand a very few very basic concepts. And, of course, it isn't important to understand it at all just to be able to make a decent turn. But the more deeply you understand skiing, the more you will find it helps your lessons. Ironically, the deeper the understanding, the easier it is to "keep it simple"!

Best of luck. Stay in touch. Let us know of your successes, revelations, and "failures" too--they're all good learning experiences!

Now if it would just stop RAINING here in Summit County....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I'm just razzin ya. Welcome and hang around - it's a pretty cool place.

later -
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Sam: As a underpaid and overworked level 1, you have paid your "dues" more than ten times over.

With guys like scsa (aka Wacko), ........... well, it's kind like the military draft ...... Some folks went and served for better or worse. Some folks spent a lot of money for some vanity college to hide in till it's over. All they come out with is an alcohol/drug problem and a propensity for insulting others.

I can sling an insult just as well as 97% of the posters on this forum!

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Thanks again for the encouragement. I consider myself properly razzed and introduced. I will hang in. I have lots of questions.
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Don't make call your mom,Paul. Oh that's right you sold her.
Behave yourself or I'll make you cry like a little girl at Fernie. Better yet I'll turn you into a....
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Yo Slider,

You always seem to have a picture for the moment - awesome!

I've started my Fernie training. 7 days so far. Be ready to bring it, cuz I'll be right on your tails.
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A pictures worth a 1000 words,don't you know.
Next week ski season will start here. Man am I going to hurt the first few days. I can't even get out of the car when I get home. I am going to ski my way to Fernie. Stops in Idaho on the way. What do say to a cat ski trip while we're there and I insist on buying the first round at ski-apre.
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Guess the shades and gloves are to protect the true identity of that rider.......... or, is that you Slider? :
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That's a 2 edged sword. I'd like to be that age again but I don't Snowboard.
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Whoa--dude--put some mittens on, and a hat! It's finally stopped raining in Summit County--9" of snow at Copper Mountain overnight! Winter is here!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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