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Death of my AC-4s by tuning

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Dropped off my beloved Volkls this morning to get tuned.  Got a call from the shop saying their machine had destroyed one of my skis.  Instructed me to bring boot in for fitting to a replacement pair of skis.  After some negotiation, they offered me a new pair (previous years models) of Nordica Jet Fuels still in the plastic.  Said they had no equivalent Volkls to offer for free.

I've often wondered what I would do when I had to replace my favorite skis of all time.  I guess that decision was just made for me.  Hopefully the Nordicas will perform as well, if not better.  I guess I shouldn't complain about getting a new pair of skis for free, I just wasn't planning on replacing the AC-4s today.

Now the wait until Sunday to try them out.  I'll post back then with my thoughts.
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 I think the Jet Fuel is a worthy, possibly better, replacement for an AC4.  It's too bad that happened, but it's cool of the shop to make it right.  Ironically I just skied on my Jet Fuels today after an almost 2 year hiatus from them.  I bought Gotomas last January and was "loaned" a pair of Mythic Riders for this season.  The JFs were awesome this morning on the groomers and ice bumps under about 4" of new.  I was liking the increased side cut over the MRs.  Have fun.
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You scored. Take the Nordica's and you'll be on a better set of boards.
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Kudos to the shop.  Sounds like not only did they do the right thing to begin with, by fessing up and offering a replacement, but they also didn't try to stick you with some cheap junk.  Sounds like you have a shop worthy of your loyalty.

Hope you enjoy your new boards.
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Sounds like you had a real win there, you should enjoy the Jet Fuels they are a great ski.
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Thanks for the positive input everyone.  Sounds like I may like the Nordicas even better than the Volkls.  I can't wait to try them out this weekend.  Yes, the shop has the reputation for going beyond the expected in customer service. 
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Tried out the Jet Fuels today at Copper Mtn.  They are a great replacement.   Complete evaluation to follow in Member Review section.
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I live in the same area.  Please share which shop took out your skis. 
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