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Worn out skis

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My wife skis on a set of 06-07 Metron 9s. Probably has at least 70 days on the skis. Days vary from 2 to 6 hours each. She is a solid advanced level skier. Doesn't do jumps. Mainly groomers (70%), some bumps, ungroomed and powder.

Anyway, we were talking about her next pair of skis. She said when her M9s are worn out she will replace them. Not until then.

So how does one tell if one's skis are "worn out"?

I'd love to get her on some better skis, but her old skis have to be worn out first, says she.
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Well, you are likely to get a lot of different answers.  IMO, "worn out" means the camber is shot, and/or the edges have nothing left to file, and/or the bases are so dried out that they won't hold wax, and/or the bases are so bad that you see P-Tex repairs everywhere.  "Worn out" skis still have a purpose, though: You can ski them during early season when there are likely to be rocks.
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 You realize, SNPete, that quant2325 has given you a hit so big you could drive a truck through it.

I'm a bit like your wife--I find a ski and ski 'em, darn it.  I'm not sure why she does this (is she thinking she is good because she is on that particular ski??)--but you might give her a "gift certificate" to demo next season, and take her somewhere like Kirkwood or Squaw (I see you're in the sierras, altho i don't know where) and the two of you demo all kinds of skis.  She will find out that her Metrons are wonderful skis (perhaps still) but that she has other options, depending on the different conditions we have here at Tahoe.  She probably doesn't have one ski outfit... depends on conditions and weather, right?

And then watch out... I went from one "favorite" ski to 5 "favorites" PLUS a rock ski...
Get yer wallet ready...
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