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Do only as many repetitions as you feel comfortable with and at your own risk. Learn to feel the bottom of your foot. Flatten your foot on the floor. If you start to lose your balance, concentrate on the bottom of your stance foot. Keep your weight centered over your stance foot and breathe while exercising. These exercises should be done four or more times a week to be effective. Look for marked improvement in three to four weeks. After you have mastered exersise sets 1 & 2, do set 1 again with your eyes closed.

1. Stand on one foot. Do not touch your feet together, do not touch your free foot down. Count of 20 on each foot.

2. Stand with one foot directly in front of the other, heel to toe, arms at your side. To feel where your body and weight are, place all your weight on your rear foot. Slowly transfer weight to the front foot, then raise your arms forward. Do this more than once on each foot. Feel your feet, weight and body placement.

3. Do the above exercise while walking very slowly, heel to toe, again feeling your feet, etc. Then walk slowly backwards, toe to heel. 10 to 20 steps each way.

Do the following exercises while balancing on one leg, without touching your feet together or touching your free foot down. Start slowly, hold the position and lower slowly. Do all reps on one leg and then switch to the other leg. Do not lock the knee of your stance leg. Start with 5 reps--go for 10--on each foot.

4. Knee Flexion. Stand, raise your free foot behind you by bending your knee. Hold on 2 and lower, but do not touch down. 3 count.

5. Hip Flexion. Bend your knee toward your chest as high as you can, hold on 2 and lower it. Attempt to raise your knee past horizontal. Do not touch down. 3 count.

6. Combine knee and hip flexion. Raise your free foot behind you, lower it, then bring your knee toward your chest, then lower it. Same rules. 4 count.

7. Plantar Flexion. Stand on one foot. Rise onto the toe of that foot, hold, and come down. Do not bend your stance knee. 3 count. Note: It is sometimes easier to think of raising your stance heel rather than raising onto your stance toe. If you find this too difficult, merely shift your weight on and off of your stance toe.

8. Hip extension. Bend forward at the hips and extend both arms forward. Lift your free leg backward, hold on the 2 count, and lower it, but do not touch your foot down. 3 count.

9. Side Leg Raise. Stand straight, lift your free leg to the side, hold and lower it. Keep your body vertical. Same rules. 3 count.