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Preventing "all the gear, no idea"?

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This is something I have come up against personally, and I see it happening quite often with friends and people I ski with.

My question is not really how to prevent, but first establish if there is a problem and then how to prevent it.

The issue is the need for some first time ski purchasers to buy the "best" there is. Best is not concerned with quality, but the technical abilities of the ski. All too often I see people with 4 weeks on snow skiing on true slalom carvers they have recently bought. Fully blown slalom skis like 3Vs or Omeglass etc not the recreational versions or piste carvers.

I can understand people not wanting to overtake their skis, but is it best to buy something way above your ability level or transition, and if the answer is transition, what are some key points to help those people buy the right ski? Is it simply a stiffness/forgiveness question, where the stiffer it is the less forgiving a ski is, or can getting used to a stiff ski early on be beneficial?
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I think it's more important to match the stiffness, length, and radius to your weight, speed that you typically ski most of the time and turn size. 

Speaking for hardsnow performance, if you are making movements that compensate for having a ski that is too stiff to bend into the turns you want to make at the speeds you typically ski, you are not doing yourself any favours.  On the other hand if you buy a low-performing ski, you will have to put it onto a bigger edge angle before it will carve, which you may never do on your own as the ski will turn without carving, and when you do get it to carve, it will not have much grip before you are blowing out of your turn despite making the correct movements.

Probably a happy medium can be found, something like a Supershape, RX8, or Rossi Oversize.  This ski would carve with little edge angle, hold an edge, and not need high speeds to work as designed.

Of course some folk believe you should have years of experience on the race time before you ski fast, or learn to carve for that matter.
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