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Too tight toe box

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I have a pair of 09 Salomon Impact 10s.  Great boots.  No pain or hot spots.  I really like them. Except my toes are really tight in the liner.  I originally ordered a size 30 for my 11 1/2 to 12 feet.  There was about 2 to 2 1/2 fingers behind my heel in the shell.  I exchanged for a pair of 28.5.  1 1/2 fingers behind my heel.  My toes don't hit the shell while skiing but the liner fit is very tight.  Almost like the liner is just too short.  I have Redwing heat moldable insoles.

I have only skied on them for four days and about 30 hours.  I am a 51 yo male.  6' 1", 230lbs level 8/9 skier.  I ski on 177cmn Volkl AC50s.

I need more toe room.  A bootfitter in Ft Collins suggested cutting many small vertical slits in the outside of the neoprene toebox to allow it to spread out.  I know the liner will still pack out some.  Also the Redwing footbeds are a little thick.  But the liners feel too short even without footbeds in them.

Any ideas?

Thank you
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difficult to say without seeing everything, but possibly a thinner more supportive footbed would help, making sure that you clip the boot top clips first then flex a few times prior to clipping the foot clips, the liner will always feel a bit tight when it is not in the shell or cliped properly
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thinner socks
dont walk around in the boots.

is it tight in length?  or width?  or toe height?

when you flex forward, do your toes pull off the front of the boot then?  or just too tight when you stand upright?
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I wear one pair of thin socks.  I barely even buckled the foot buckles.  The liner is too short.  My toes don't hit the shell at all.  Even without a footbed the neoprene toebox is too tight.

Thank you for your replies.
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are you getting right into the back of the liner, if the liner is out of the boot you probably won't be, it may be that the liner can be stretched a bit (neoprene will snot be stretchable like a more solid toe box) or the padding broken down a bit to allow you to shift backwards.  sometimes the stock liner is just a PITA and needs to be replaced with either another model or an aftermarket liner

i have not seen too many issues like this with the impact, mostly what we see is the liner packing out really quickly and people replacing it with a zip fit
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If you have large calf muscles this will push your toes forward when you just stand in the boot making the toebox feel short---begs the question---calf circumference?
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