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Timberline, WV - 21MAR10

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Very beautiful tropical weather at Timberline this weekend of their Snowy Luau events.  I skied only Sunday, but met up with some nice folks under gorgeous spring conditions.  They still have so much snow on the slopes and I even did some glade skiing on a still viable natural base in the woods.

SCWVA and son
MAR2010 007.jpg
SCWVA won the bump contest today.  I helped coach him on this warm-up run
MAR2010 014.jpg
Still good skiing in Cherry Bowl glades
MAR2010 022.jpg
Jimmy working with a ski school student, bringing new blood to our sport (figuratively only hopefully)
MAR2010 023.jpg
My buddy The Col snapping away
MAR2010 025.jpg
Kim working with Funniest Costume contestants
MAR2010 024.jpg
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How I wish I could be in two places at once. The only solution is to visit Canaan Valley more often. My camera battery died on this trip and no charger available but I have some lovely shots in my mind's eye. So who took you cherry picking? Was it that son of yours?

Jim, you got some nice shots there, the one of SCWVA ripping looks like the picture of fun. With you in his corner, How could he lose.
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Tell you what!   This is the end of the perfect ski season in WV.  When it started, nothing but pow- pow and when it stopped pow-powing, the sun came out and we have all the corn we can eat.  Enjoyed the runs on Saturday in the amusement park (the drop).  We met up with some sli skool folks at their place to chill and watch the pyros try to blow people up as the torch light passed by.  Good times.  Really enjoyed meeting up with you folks.  Notice that our group gets bigger every year?   
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