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I am looking at some end of season deals + thinking of getting myself a pair of versatile powder boards to mount dukes onto.
They are to be used for inbounds powder / crud  some occasional AT use.

On my last trip to Kirkwood, I found myself to be more of an 80/20 offpiste / groomer skier than the 60/40 that i thought i was.
Current boards are Atomic Crimson ti 176 - which i find good at everything apart from the very deep (a bit hooky) + the very icy steep stuff (a bit chattery)

5'8" 160lbs athletic skier lvl 9, forwards skiing only, only small air.
25 yrs + experience, some racing background.
Preferred terrain: bowls, glades, trees.
Resorts: all around BC canada, tahoe, UT.

I have found good deals on both the Huge trouble in 185 + the Czar in 174.  Can anyone help make a recommendation for my fun deep snow ski?