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PMTS instructor at Durango?

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Does anyone know an instructor who uses PMTS at Durango? My wife and I are going to be there Dec. 26-29 and would like to take some lessons.

Thanks in advance. Randy Brooks
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Uh, no...but I know an instructor named Randy Brooks who teaches SKIING at Breckenridge! (Quite well, I might add--Randy's taught skiing at Breckenridge for nearly 25 years, and he's a highly respected Examiner in the PSIA-Rocky Mountain division.)

I believe you can find a list of PMTS-accredited instructors on the PMTS web site, and you can search by resort.

Welcome to EpicSki, Randy!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Bob, I know a jazz saxophonist, an engineer and the lead singer in the Branson, MO production of "Jesus" named Randy Brooks, a pop singer named Randy Brook, and I was named for a jazz trumpeter who played with Harry James. I skied at Breckenridge last spring, but didn't see any unexplained charges attributable to your obviously bogus [img]smile.gif[/img] imposter.

I have had PMTS lessons and know there is a list of accredited instructors on Harald's site and on Craig McNeil's site. There aren't any listed in Durango, but I thought that someone might have relocated or be in that area around Christmas and be interested in teaching some private lessons.

BTW, I have been lurking on epicski for a while, and I have really enjoyed your posts.

Thanks for the welcome.

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Actually, I spoke with Diana, his partner, and she said she didn't know anyone in Durango, but that ski instructors are a transient lot and one might have migrated there.

Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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