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Pure Powder ski recommendation

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Hi Guys,

I've been reading the forums as an "anon" for a while now, theres some great info in here, so thanks for everything so far.

At the moment I ski a K2 coomba, this had started with the idea of being just a powder ski, but it’s so great all over the mountain that I use it every day. I guess for icy surfaces there would be better skis, but I tend to avoid it where I can! My one qualm with the coomba is that it's a little soft, and it lacks the surfey feeling in the deepest powder. I like to ski fairly aggresively I'm about 5"9 and 70kg, I ski the coomba in 174cm, I'd probably go slightly longer in the next ski.

So, I'm after a pure no compromise powder ski. I've skied the Volkl Kuro, in less than great conditions, but I really rated it. The other skis I had picked out to were the Line EP pro, K2 hellbent and the K2 Darkside, I haven’t had a chance to try these yet but hopefully will soon. I wonder if anyone else has any other recommendations?

Cheers in advance

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For the surfy feel, you need a reverse camber / reverse side cut ski. In deep powder I like to use my Praxis Powder Boards. You can often find them over on Gear Swap at TGR for a good price. I am 5'10" 190lbs and ride the 195"s.
If you search here you should find more info or look here: http://www.tetongravity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=104129
Scroll down to the Praxis header and read up on the Powder's.
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Depends if you want a slashy playful ski or a faster charger.

Out of some that I've tried:

Pontoon is a really fun ski, incredibly playful, so easy to turn, light but you have to stay very centred as there is nothing in the tail.

Kuro is similar to the pontoon but a little less playful but more stable.

Salomon Rockers (which I've now bought) are stiffer, heavier, not the most playful, but incredible stablility at speed, really good for landing drops (flat traditional tail).

If you prefer more playful skis try Praxis powderboards, pontoons, kuros, args, lotus 138.

If you prefer more of a charger try atomic atlas, sally rocker, dynastar big dump etc.
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