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Head SS Magnum lovers, why to keep them?

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What to sell?
I got in love with Volkl AC50 today (I loved the edge grip on hard snow and ease of turning even on a ski a bit long for me). It was the best ski I have skied on - unfortunately there was no powder to try them on today. However, I already own two pairs of relatively new skis (2008 and 2009). My husband says one pair has to go, before I can even think of anything. Uhmm...."honey, this would be the last one in a long time!"

I am level 9 skier. 140 lb, 5f6i, love to carve but since I came to Rockies 3 years ago I learned and like to ski everything. Ok, tight trees are not my thing - they do not move away from me.


This year I bought Atomic Blackeye Ti - do it all ski, no-brainer, easy to ski, no adjustments needed, I know, I should have got into wider Crimson perhaps, but hey, I am getting wider every year! (fatties kind of "scare me" since I haven't seen anybody decently carving on powder ski). Anyway, they do fine for me especially since this year we did not get many dumps.


Another ski is a fun toy Head Supershape Magnum - it took me few weeks to figure them out (be centered, not hard pushing forward - otherwise there is a feeling of not having enough ski, and let the hips go way into the turn. Go sideways is the motto. However, they make lazy carving look really dynamic. What I mean is it is so effortless to initiate the turns, they make you lazy.

Pros: they make tired afternoon exiting.

Cons: make me lazy, harder snow bite is not always there, refinement: skied-off snow bite is lacking, less versatile in deeper snow than Blackeye.


If I even "needed two pairs", one would be the rock ski and ski to teach on.

any thoughts?

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The initial question is easy, if you like the Atomics but don't like the Heads, then dump the Heads. Next part is not so easy, b/c the Volkls will do basically the same things well as the Atomics. The Volkls may be better at some things for your tastes others may feel the opposite, but IAC the two skis are basically in the came category with roughly the same skill set. So, I guess the question is why have both?? Despite its additional width, the AC-50 is not really an improvement  over the Blackeye in soft or deepish snow and it's worse in mixed up, half mogully conditions. In fact I think the AC-50 is about the worst 85mm ski in soft snow and bumps that I know of.

Why buy the Volkl? If you are keeping either of the other two but especially if you keep the Atomics, it probably doesn't really make sense. Except of course that you want them.

So....................... whatchado is dump the Heads and Atomics and buy the Volkls as a replacement for both. You'd be replacing what you have with a roughly similar skill set that you just like better.

Then, you could get a wider ski that is better suited for the soft stuff............

Now, about that wide ski thing. L-9 skier that's an instructor means L-3 cert. to me. If so, you already have the skills to ski a wider ski. If you get the right one, you can get something than can carve reasonably well on the firm chalky stuff and be a nice improvement over the AC-50 in soft, broken or deep conditions.

So.....sell two, buy two and get an improvement on all counts.

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Hi Jim,


Thanks for your input, pretty much on the dot.


Oh yes, not only I want them (AC50), I NEED THEM! (preparing the speech for my hubby here, but I felt like a king on them  already the first run (well, rather a queen) - good they finely groomed some black runs here. Today I concentrated on Atomics and you are right it would not make much sense to keep them both. BlackeyeTi felt much much weaker on groomed but I can understand where they would have the upper hand in deeper snow and moguls, where I like how the Blackeye skis.


Hey, who cares, I will suffer in the moguls and deeper snow, AC50 just blew me away with the grip, rip and turns on the frozen snow where the rest of my equipment felt "a bit risky". I will probably keep the playful Heads or sell them both and get a real powder ski as you suggested.


Thanks again



P. S. Oh ya, I am eligible to ski a wider ski (that number in levels is not from my own head, I heard it from some very qualified people. However, every time I tested the powder ski (mostly Rossi) they were not a real advantage in bumps. Groomers? I would start to dislike them on those type of skis.



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