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Just because I can.

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That's just mean.
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 Ella's got some great pipes but that particular song is not on my radar at the moment.............but you should embrace it, just because you can..
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 Oh, yeah!  There was, and is, nobody like Ella.  I don't care what the title of the song is.  That is one great clip.
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No harm meant/intended Bonni. 

Summertime is inevitable, but the song is wonderful, and Lady Ella is wonderful doing it.

If you would prefer something more in sync with our common love (in setting at least), here's Glenn Miller with Tex Beneke doing Chattanooga Choo-Choo, from Sun Valley Seranade. (Back when Uncle Miltie was only Cousin Miltie. - If you know that reference, you're as old as I am!)


(Along with another version - can anyone name the dancers?)
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I've always wondered why a band like that needs Sheet Music.  If you're that good, you should have it in your head.  

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