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New ski to match the Prophet 100

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Hi guys

I need a little help to ind my new ski.

I usually ski in Europe but have been in skiing in Colorado the most of this season. I have been skiing for 25 years and will consider myself to be a very good skier that are able to ski (almost) everything. I am a very aggressive skier that likes to ride my skis hard. Height: 184 cm and 85 kg.

When I came here I picked up a pair of Prophet 100 in a 186 with the Duke's mounted on them. These are amazing skis that performs very well in the back country and still have a solid grip on the hard packed snow especially if they are pushed hard in the turns.

My concerns are when I go back to the more icy conditions in Europe. I'm almost certain that I can't live with the Line's as my only ski due to both the length and the width. I have a hard time figuring out what kind of ski I should go for. I lean towards an all-mountain ski with the main part of the performance on the groomers since I would like to still have the ability to do some decent skiing in the off-piste,

I have been looking allot around in here and narrowed my search down to following:

Dynastar Sultan 80 or the 85
Dynastar Contact 4x4
Volkl AC30
Head Peak 78

The Sultans 80 might be on the soft side compared to the rest of the skis, while the 85's might be on the wide side for at hard pack ski.

All of them probably around 170-175 cm

I of course have the option of demo a bunch of skis, but I ill hardly find the conditions that we have in Europe so I'm not sure how useful it is - I might be wrong.

Also I could be wrong in my decision about looking at the all-mountain's and not at the race carvers instead.

What do you say?
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No one...?
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I have the Line Prophet 100 (179 cm), Dynstar Sultan 85 (178cm) and Fischer Cool Heat (170 cm). (5'10" 180 lb Level 8-9 53 yr & will ski 40+ days this year).

The Sultan 85 is pretty good on the hard snow & ice. Very good ski off-piste.  If the conditions will be variable, this ski is a nice choice.

If  very firm conditons are going to persist for the full day, I use the Fischer Cool Heat - a really good carving ski.  A little narrower in the waist (76 cm) than the Sultan 85.  More stable at higher speeds than the Sultan 85.  OK off-piste - not great.

I have tried the AC 30's and just found them to be too stiff off-piste for me.


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Was it the 2009 or the 2010 model of the AC30 you tried. I have heard there is some differences. 2009 should be 76 under foot while the 2010 is 80. There is also some differences in the metal in the ski. One of them is with titanium and the other is with steel. Which is which I don't know.

Looking at the Fischer webside it looks like that the Cool Heat has been replaced by the Heat? Both of them is 76 under foot.
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I tried the 2009 model of the AC 30 which reminded of a race ski.  I just don't ski fast enough to consistently bend the ski.

For hard snow & ice, I like the 76 mm under foot. But, the trade off is the narrower ski does not perform as well as say an 80-85 mm under foot ski in crud. Plus, a 76 mm ski provides a greater contrast to the Prophet 100. 

All of the skis on your list are good skis. 
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I have skiied all of the skis you have listed above except for the Sultan (I own the Monster 78 in a 183) and to date my absolute favorite do it all ski - all mountain when there is no new snow is the Stockli XXL....  This ski is off the hook...  I was a die hard Volkl fan for years and years (my affection for the ski started back in the late 80s) as they had this feel to them that no one else really had...  I had not really experienced that feel until I jumped on a pair of Stoklis and instantly fell in love...  The XXL does so many things well and it gives you this sensation that many of todays skis do not...  I have also heard Kastle is doing a great job as well and have not had a chance to try them out, but want as the reports back have been nothing but short of stellar...


I would think that since you are in Europe you should be able to find both skis readily available for you to try...  Give the XXL a try...  For the level of performance and feel this ski gives to you - it is one of the least demanding skis I have been on...  I absolutely love it!



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I'm from Europe and for variable conditions I would take into consideration: Kastle MX 88, Elan Magfire 82xti, Atomic Crimson Ti or Rossi Phantom 87. Note that this is my personal list for similar purposes. Welcome to Europe
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I am solving similar problem (back in EU withing 2 seasons, but live in Montana now). Since you were talking about race carvers I thought maybe you might have some racing backround, which could be similar type of skiing here.
I tested AC 50 last week on frozen hardpack (The best grip of all of the all mountain skis that I have ever stepped on!). I usually ski Atomic Blackeye Ti (79mm underfoot) on the hard snow if I want to go fast and I think It does a good job. However, it could not compete with AC 50 (85 mm underfoot) - the grip is incredible and the ski has a lot of energy. I got so impressed with AC50 I am buying it for what you just described: hard pack snow performance and some decent use off-piste.
P. S. I am 168 cm and I tested 170 cm long ski (buying 163 cm) so I guess if you would consider AC50 a good try would be 177 cm
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I really appreciate alle the replies. Great.

I don't know, but as I think more about it I might favour the 75 to 80 mm skis. I don't know about getting a ski that is 85 -88 mm under foot for hard packed / icy conditions. And as Skiprophet points out - a narrower ski will make a greater contrast to the Prophets. Agree?

Those Stockli's ans Kastles looks awesome (and freaking expencive) and people in here seems to be raving about them. But again the MX88 might be a tad to wide. On the other side - if you plan to use them for 70 % on-piste and are what the call a type 3 skiier, Kastle recomend (on thier webside) the MX88.

Another thing is the synthetic core of the XXL's. I have alway heard that wood core is the way to go if you are skiing agressively. Is this right or am I old fashioned? At least the reputation of foam as core material isn't the best. Today's technology might make possible to produce a top notch ski with a composite core.
Anyway, Stockli has the Stormrider L (wood core) which is 76 mm under foot, and Kastle the MX78 (wood core). The MX78 is quite easy to find something (almost 100% positive) about in here, but almost nothing about the Stockli L's. Much more to find about the XL, but that ski isn't on Stocklis webside (as far as I can see). What is the difference between the XL and the L?

F*** to many things to concider...
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How about the Prophet 80s?  I've got the last year they made them, but I'm sure there are still many available online.  Great edge grip, very quick in and out of turns, and very stable at high speeds (just like the 100s). 
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Is there anybody who knows the difference between the 2009 and the 2010 model of the Stockli Stormrider XXL. As I can se it I can save about 40 % buying the 2009 compared to the 2010.
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I am not aware of any changes other than top - sheet (cosmetic and I think the 09 looks much better than the 10)...  And even if there were I would take the 09 and save 40%...  I am on the 186 09 and I cannot imagine what they could do to improve it...  Absolutely love the ski!  Looking to buy another pair as a backup once my current ones crap the bed!
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