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Low Profile, Sleek, Non-Bulky Helmets?

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 Any suggestions on helmets that doesn't make my head appear as pumpkin? 
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Not sure what will work, but I'd say skip this one:

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 I wouldn't go for this one either.

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All the race helmets are very low profile.   But be aware that lower profile means less protection, and race helmets have little or no vents.
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Although it is on the pricy side(around $160 on sale now)the Giro Omen is IMO the best helmet out there.Sleek,two sets of vents,great fit,and is also adjustable.You can also buy it set up with audio,which I think is dangerous but that is an entire different thread entirely.If it is good enough for Chris Davenport to huck 100 foot cliffs in than it is good  enough for me!
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 I have owned several Giros that felt bulky to me.  Currently have a Giro Encore for spring skiing, and it's definitely more "bulbous" than my preferred Leedom helmet (Scream model) that I use the rest of the season.  For whatever reason, the Leedom feels a lot more low profile (measures thinner as well).  I believe the Scream is/was Snell rated, and it certainly seems to be more of a serious helmet than many of the psuedo-bike ski helmets you see out there.

BTW Daveski, I have seen the Omen for well under $100 on sale; Tramdock/SteepAndCheap have offered them for as little as $50 at times.  That's a pretty nice helmet.
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I wear a 7 1/2+ cap.  If one has a fairly large head, or for that matter larger feet, there is
no helmet (or shoes) that won't look like a pumpkin or a couple of boats.
Use Smith Variant myself.
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skier219,I was not aware that a lot of others knew of those websites.Yes you can get it for under $100 ,however,if not able to spend time to look(I certainly do!) to find these deals,then Backcountry.com had them for $160 last time I checked. IMO, the $200 retail value of this helmet is worth every penny so any deal to be had is a bonus.I have turned several of my Patrol compadres on to this particular helmet, even some of the non-believers who have been wearing hats for 30 years.And to John J, the Smith Variant is also a fantastic helmet and does not look bulky at all. Another good choice and the way I look at it is that you cannot put a price on your head so buy a good helmet and it will last a long time.

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