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To Utah49, Jamesdeluxe, Mary, Harpo, and Rubob for coming to my little ski day. Fun was had in very spring skiing conditions (I found a patch of the rottenest Quicksand snow I have ever had the displeasure to fight my way out of). Learning took place and new friendships were started. How could a day turn out better. Again, thanks to all for coming out.

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No - Thank You.

I had a very a nice time and left with some things to ponder. It was nice meeting everyone.
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Ydnar Thank you for all your vary helpful instruction.your tips really aided me in smoothing out some rough spots in my skiing.
Harpo,Mary, Rubob and Jamesdeluxe I hope to be able to ski with all of you again.
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Ydnar, thanks for a fine day. I enjoyed your teaching and enthusiasm. Hope you get some more turns in!
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