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which ski

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I'm 49, 190 pounds, in shape and ski 1-2 weeks a year.  i broke my knee cap and slightly tore my acl 3 years ago and purchased some shorter solomon x-wing tornados (165?) while in vermont.  my knee is stronger and i am looking at buying some head supershape magnums in 170 or 177's. my friend who is my same age and a very good skier, skis on 175's and thinks i should get the longer ski's, but after reading reviews, i am tempted in going with the 170's, untested.  any thoughts?
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At your weight, I also think that you'll be happier with the 175. The Magnum is a very forgiving ski to turn.
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If you ski mostly in the East the 170's won't kill you or your knees. If you ski out West, the 175's will be more appreciated. I'm 52, 230 pounds and ski mostly East coast. I'm on 167s Volkl 6 star. I hated the thought of dropping from 175 to 167, but I've never regretted it.
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Thanks Rusty, I appreciate the input. I've skied Vermont and some NY, but lately have been going out west.  I'll get the 177's and if I don't like them the next time I go northeast,  I'll DEMO!  Thank again and have a great week.
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