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Do I need new skis?

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I've been skiing on Salomon X-wing 4s for 2 years now and am trying to decide if new skis will help me improve my skiing.  I'm 5'9, 160lbs intermediate skier (blues and single blacks, primarily groomers) and my current ski is 162cm (115-70-103).  I'll be primarily skiing on the east coast with maybe one or two trips out west each year.  I was thinking of getting the Dynastar Sultan 80 or 85s in either 172 or 178 since there are some good deals on these.  Which model or length would be better for me?  Would I notice a big difference from my current skis?
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You can't "buy" better technique.  But, you can certainly learn new things from skiing on different types of skis.  Most of all, a new set of skis (or two!) can really increase motivation to get out more often and there is no substitute for experience and positive attitude..  A wider ski won't help you ski any better on packed groomers, but it will make skiing crud easier.  Longer skis hold better at higher speeds..
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Some skis may make it easier for you to ski certain conditions, but nobody can tell you for sure. As the last poster pointed out, new skis won't by themselves make you a better skier, but if they're too long/wide/stiff for the way you ski, they''ll make you worse.

Even if you've been skiing for years and have a pretty good handle on your personal ski preferences, and relative ability, buying sight unseen is still somewhat of a crap shoot.

If you've never skied anything longer or wider than your current skis, you would be better off holding on to your money until you have a chance to demo those or other similar skis. Regardless of how good a deal you get, you'll still spend several hundred dollars. Like cars, ski's depreciate substantially once they leave the dealer, it's not so easy to recoup your investment if you make a mistake.
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