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Right Ski Turning in

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When I'm skiing straight down the fall line of a low pitched, gentle slope, like a run-out, I find my right ski tip pointing inward. I believe my center of balance and foot pressure is equal on both feet, but I have to consciously twist my right heel in and even then my ski tip want to pop back inward. Just started skiing this year...skiing pretty much parallel, linking turns etc. I have skied in about five different setups and it is the same in each. I have a new pair of Head Edge series boots...they're really comfy and seem to react nicely when I'm actively skiing, turning etc  but the same thing happens in these as well. Is this a ski technique issue? An anatomical issue? Is it something that might be helped with a canting adjustment on the boot? It's starting to really annoy me.
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Yo Andy I moved your thread here from the general skiing forum because I believe you have an anatomical problem that can be solved by a boot adjustment. Let's see what the smart guys say,
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Thanks...wasn't sure where to post....boot guys, beginners, instruction, equipment...they all seemed to fit...so I just plopped it in the old general discussion forum.
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Go see if Nick @ Mount Snow Boot Works can figure it out. Not sure if the mountains are still open or not back there but certainly give him a shout.
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