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2010 Tecnica Inferno - what's new?

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I understand that the Diablo line is being replaced by the Inferno.

My bootfitter says the BSL of same size boot is now a little longer (which he says is bad) and the base has a titanium sheet inserted to stiffen the base. And the fit is a little different.

Want to know if anyone knows more about the boot - good? bad?
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a little longer BSL is great provided it is acheived in the correct way. the passenger compartment could be lower and thus spacing out the heel and toe interfaces or the passenger compartment could be longer with the exact same heel/instep/ankle parameters and this can be great! Who doesn't want a tiny bit more toe room? if the boot is longer AND bigger heel/instep, that is just a bigger size. period!

IMHO the metal insert can be a real heat vampire in cold conditions in an already close fitting shell with a thin liner, you may not appreciate the added response with a numb frozen foot.
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I'm with sandy on this one, the metalwork is a bit of overkill for most, not sure how it will play out with sole mods, planing plating etc, i only briefly looked at the boot at the trade show and whilst they were desperate for me to take it they wern't interested in doing anything to get me to take it, i walked on by after seeing all the metal on the bottom, there will probably be some others along who have looked at it more closely and like it more than i do
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OK........I'll bite............

The external skeleton is only on the Inferno WC 130 and 150 and regular 130. As far as planing etc. it will be very easy as there will be toe and heel blocks in (I think) 4mm and 6mm that will drop right in over the skeleton. This may well turn out to be our easiest sole canting set up rather than one of our hardest ones. As far as a heat sink goes, the skeleton frame is external (opposed to the Nordica EDT which is part of the boot board) I doubt that cold transmission will be any different than a conventional solid plastic sole. As to whether the "real" WC boots will have this feature or not, I can't say. Heck, most of us only have one or two real WC skiers buying boots from us each year anyway and we can get them whatever they want. For the rest of our customers, its irrelevant.

I can say that the fit on the whole collection of 95-98mm boots from Tecnica is quite good and the flexes and positioning of the models are great. Tecnica is really back in the game with this group of boots. For a shop like ours that sells 50-60% of our retail boots in this fit range, we are damned excited to have Tecnica on board as a strong player.

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be intersting to see these blocks.... our reps tried to explain it but failed
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From the 10sec look I got, the blocks look to be replaceable toe & heel pieces to me. Perhaps they can be ordered in 2 different thickness for planning purposes?

I do have a question - I am being tempted to replace my boot now rather than start of next season (things are on sale now & won't be at beginnning of next year,...). If I do now, it will likely be Diablo as I don't think my bootfitter has sufficient stock on Inferno yet.

So question for the experts - if Diablo fits well, I should just forget the newer features & be happy with cheaper price too?
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