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volkl ac 30

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G'day, last season 09 i hired some volkl ac30 170,i am 35 years old ,169 tall and weigh 70kgs & have skied for 9 years.I am an intermediate skier who skis at mt buller & mt hothem Australia. I ski on piste & 09 a little off,i tried some slightly shorter K2 apache in 09 in new zealand and they felt to loose & a lot slower.This season i will buy some skis,does anyone think i should try some others or stick with the volkl 170s ???  
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Well if you ask you will get more than a few ski suggestions,  The AC30 is a great ski,  I love it, it's a little stiff for the bumps (but you can still 100percent ski the bumps, just not all day).    Other than that, they rip faster and harder than most ski's out there.  Stable at speed, rip the trees, super quick edge to edge, do everything very well, just not bumps.   I think they handle powder great, but if you can't ski powder then you may want to got fat.

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If you're after a ski for Hotham and Mt Buller (even with side trips to New Zealand) then "fat" skis shouldn't be on your radar.  There might be four days a year which could be called pow days, and it's pure luck to actually be there for those ... "you should have been here yesterday" .

You haven't really told us how you felt about the Volkls, or how many other skis you've tried and how you felt about them relative to the Volkls, so there's not much the gang can work from at the moment.  The fact that you rented them doesn't necessarily mean you liked them.  Folks here will be glad to help but they'll need more to work with.

Be aware that K2 and Volk typically have a completely different feel (almost each end of the spectrum in many ways) so you've a fair comparison there. From what I've read "... loose and lot slower" might be a good start for describing the comparison.

A good starting point would be to spell out what you like about the Volks, what you prefer in the Volks over the K2s, what (maybe) you don't like about the Volkls in various snow conditions and maybe what (if anything) you would like to fix about the Volkls. 

As an aside, the AC30 is a great choice as an Australian 'all mountain' ski for those people who like the Volkl feel, or those simply hung up on the fact "it's a Volkl".  I have friends who absolutely swear by the brand, although there are plenty more skis out there to choose from.  If you really enjoyed your rentals and have confidence in the length of ski (seems about right) then you could do far worse for local conditions.

Lastly, shop around and drive a hard bargain - it's a buyer's market at the moment.
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